Origin: Stockholm, Sweden  
Last update/review: November 16, 2015

Face Down

Face Down was a post-thrash aggro-metal band, with a quite heavy wall-of-sound guitar style and angry, hardcore-ish vocals from Marco Aro. Comparisons to Pantera are valid, as well as fellow Swedes such as Transport League or Mary Beats Jane, though these guys are perhaps a shade heavier. The band broke up following Aro's decision to join The Haunted, reformed in 2004 after Aro served his time there, and survived until 2011, with Aro again moving to The Haunted.

Last Lineup

Marco Aro

vocals (The Haunted, ex-The Resistance)

Rickard Dahlberg

guitars (ex-Construcdead)

Joakim Hedestedt

bass (ex-Construcdead)

Christofer Barkensjö

drums (ex-The Resistance, Witchery)

Former Members/Guests

Joacim Carlsson

guitars (ex-Afflicted)

Richard Bang


Peter Stjärnvind

drums (ex-Entombed, Krux, ex-Merciless, ex-Murder Squad, ex-Nifelheim, ex-Unanimated)

Erik Thyselius

drums (ex-Construcdead, ex-Terror 2000)


1995 Roadrunner
  1. Weak
  2. Kill The Pain
  3. Human
  4. Holy Rage
  5. Demon Seed
  6. Save Me, Kill Me
  7. Colors
  8. Twelve Rounds
  9. Hatred
  10. One Eyed Man
  • Marco Aro
  • Joacim Carlsson
  • Joakim Hedestedt
  • Richard Bang

The Twisted Rule The Wicked  
1997 Nuclear Blast
  1. Dead Breed
  2. Self Appointed God
  3. Waste
  4. Life Relentless
  5. Autumn Scars
  6. Bed Of Roaches
  7. Top Of The World
  8. Slender Messiah
  9. For Your Misery
  10. Embrace The Moment
  11. Cleansweep
  12. With Unseeing Eyes
  • Marco Aro
  • Joacim Carlsson
  • Joakim Hedestedt
  • Peter Stj√§rnvind

The Will To Power  
2005 Black Lodge
  1. Drained
  2. Blood Tiles
  3. Heroin
  4. Insanity
  5. Will to Power
  6. Grey
  7. Heretic
  8. The Delusion
  9. War Hog
  10. The Unsung
  • Marco Aro
  • Joacim Carlsson
  • Joakim Hedestedt
  • Erik Thyselius

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