Origin: Baltimore, Maryland, USA  
Genres: Gothic Metal, Death Metal
Last update/review: September 16, 2004


Fog was the last incarnation of the band once known as Fear Of God. Fear Of God never officially broke up, even after the death of founding vocalist Dawn Crosby, instead after several lineup changes the new band emerged. The album, Jezabel's Dream (once the working name of the band itself) had been in the works for over a year but finally saw a release in early 2000. Somewhat of a death/goth metal hybrid, the album lacks a bit in production and direction, perhaps not be the best lasting impression of Fear Of God. Members were reportedly out of the band almost before the album's release, and thus the band quickly disappeared.

Note: no relation to the black metal band also called Fog.

Last Lineup

John Childs


Bill Hayden

guitars (ex-Jerusalem)

Tony Mallory

guitars/keyboards (ex-Chapelblaque)

Mike Schafer


John Grden

drums (ex-Fear Of God) RIP: June 4, 2015, age 50


Jezabel's Dream  
2000 Bethany
  1. Three days in darkness
  2. Jezabel's dream
  3. Metapholic vortex
  4. Entrantment
  5. Infrablack/Mourning light
  6. Eternal sleep
  7. Prisoners of the flesh
  8. Drown the sun
  9. Cykel cycle/Destation of the dead
  • John Childs
  • Bill Hayden
  • Tony Mallory
  • Mike Schafer
  • John Grden

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