Origin: Spain  
Genres: Death Metal
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Last update/review: September 12, 2005


In Deathless we have another band proving how universal the so-called Swedish melodic death metal style has become. Deathless hail from Spain, but clearly sound influenced by the usual names on The Time To Be Immortal, though to be fair the album isn't as derivative as several others in the field. It is what it is, a solid slice of melodic death metal with the requisite riffing and death roars, a decent enough album and a fine start for an upcoming band.

Current Members

Emilio Cañas


José Contreras


Carlos Climent


Former Members/Guests

Michael Fidalgo

guitars/backing vocals

Antonio J. Cantos


José Luis González



The Time To Be Immortal  
2000 Goldtrack
  1. Razing Life
  2. Torture's Deep Inside My Mind
  3. Two Ways
  4. Under Fear
  5. World's Heartbeat
  6. The Price Of Our Wasting Lives
  7. Where No Sun Shines
  8. Law Of Fire
  9. Holy Sepulchre
  10. Years Later
  • Emilio Cañas
  • Michael Fidalgo
  • José Contreras
  • Antonio J. Cantos
  • José Luis González

The Sounds Of The New World  
  1. Worshipers of darkness
  2. Distortionated word
  3. Wrong again
  4. The sound of the new world
  5. Razing life
  6. Two ways
  7. Holy sepulchre
  8. Under fear
  9. Law of fire
  10. Where no sun shines
  11. World´s heartbeat
  12. Years later
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