Origin: Stockholm, Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal
Page online: January 16, 2016
Last update/review: January 16, 2016


This Swedish band formed in 2006 and released their debut album Masters Of Hate six years later. They play a potent brand of technical death/thrash metal, with semi-clean vocals though the riffing style is definitely more in the death camp. Not to be confused with the similarly named Desultory, also a Stockholm-based death metal band.

Current Members

Markus Joha


Ibrahim Stråhlman


Former Members/Guests

Pablo Magallanes (guest)


Ragnar Rage (guest)


Fredrik Klingwall (guest)



Masters Of Hate  
2012 Abyss
  1. Chapter 1: New Era
  2. Black Monday
  3. Another World
  4. Denied
  5. Division Insane
  6. Chapter 2: The Phoenix
  7. And So We Bleed...
  8. The Luxury of Pain
  9. Caged
  10. Masters of Hate
  11. The End
  • Markus Joha
  • Pablo Magallanes
  • Ragnar Rage
  • Ibrahim StrÃ¥hlman
  • Fredrik Klingwall

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