Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: May 11, 2004

Demented Ted

The oddly-named Demented Ted released a single album in 1994, a competent death/thrash mixture that for whatever reason didn't get a lot of notice. A couple of lineup changes and a style shift resulted in a new band, Beyond, that also released a single album to not much fanfare.

Last Lineup

Ron Janis

vocals/guitars (ex-Beyond)

Ken Cutter


Mark Kolar


Mike Anderson

drums (ex-Beyond)


Promises Impure  
1994 Pavement
  1. Existence Lies Beneath
  2. Despair
  3. Psychopathology
  4. Incisions
  5. Liquid Remains
  6. Geneticide
  7. Between Two Eternities
  8. Forgotten
  • Ron Janis
  • Ken Cutter
  • Mark Kolar
  • Mike Anderson

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