Origin: Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA  
Genres: Power Metal
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Page online: March 12, 2007
Last update/review: January 24, 2009

Destroy Destroy Destroy

Right off the bat, one might be suspicious of a band with a name like Destroy Destroy Destroy. And with album/song titles such as Devour The Power and (their stage attire appears to be suitably over-the-top as well), the feeling here is that this may not be a band that takes itself very seriously. Musically, though, the guys are all business, as Devour The Power (apparently their second release following an obscure earlier effort entitled Kill Or Be Killed) goes for an intense blend of power metal and harsh vocals, somewhat in the same ballpark as, say, Children Of Bodom. The vocals are straight from the Scandinavian melodic death camp, being a rather one-dimensional monotonous at times, though there are rare clean They recorded a second full-length album in 2009 but were not heard from again.

Last Lineup

Bryan Kemp


Jeremiah Scott

guitars (Demon Hunter)

Way Barrier


Adam Phillips

bass (ex-Pro-Pain)

Brian Shorter


Former Members/Guests

Alex Gillette


Andrew Core (guest)


Eric Brown

drums (Swashbuckle)


Kill Or Be Killed  
  • Bryan Kemp
  • Jeremiah Scott
  • Way Barrier
  • Adam Phillips
  • Alex Gillette
  • Andrew Core

Devour The Power  
2006 Blackmarket
  1. The Summoning
  2. Hang The Vermin
  3. Gods Of War And Open Sores
  4. Ripped Apart By The Juggernaut Of Fornication
  5. Battle Cry
  6. Eternal Voyage Of The Geishmal Undead
  7. The Beast That Cannot Be Fed
  8. Mutilated Cranial Orifice
  9. Seduced By The Locrian Temptress
  10. Hellfire
  11. Bring On The Exodus
  • Bryan Kemp
  • Jeremiah Scott
  • Way Barrier
  • Adam Phillips
  • Alex Gillette
  • Eric Brown

Battle Sluts  
2009 Blackmarket
  1. The Second Coming
  2. Battle Upon the Arctic Plains
  3. Beyond The Scorpion Gate
  4. Realm of Ancient Shadows
  5. Born Of Thunder
  6. To Die Without Honor (Interlude)
  7. The Winged Panther
  8. The Wretched Forest
  9. The Berserker's Field of Whores
  10. Agents of Hypocrisy
  11. The Return of the Geishmal Undead
  12. Battle Slut Drinking Song
  • Bryan Kemp
  • Jeremiah Scott
  • Way Barrier
  • Adam Phillips
  • Brian Shorter
  • Andrew Core

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