Origin: Seattle, Washington, USA  
Genres: Instrumental, Progressive Metal
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Page online: November 2, 2015
Last update/review: November 2, 2015

Conquering Dystopia

Instrumental progressive death metal headed by a Nevermore guitarist? That should turn some heads. While Nevermore may or may not be done (as of mid-2015, all signs point to maybe), the members have branched out and continued pumping out the metal, from the resurrection of the pre-Nevermore band Sanctuary to drummer Van Williams' participation in Ghost Ship Octavius and Ashes Of Ares to this project, founded by guitarists Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow. And when all is said and done, "instrumental progressive death metal" is what this 2014 debut is all about. It's choppy, technical, full of guitar soloing and riffs, and sports a killer rhythm section of Alex and Alex, one of which is well known from his work in Cannibal Corpse but has also spread his wings in more technical projects such as Blotted Science. Whether this needs a vocalist (death or otherwise) is a matter of opinion and taste -- this is a bit solo-heavy, and some of those solos might be replaced by singing, but really there's so much going on here that perhaps a vocalist would be just too much. Interesting to see if this progresses beyond this one album.

Current Members

Jeff Loomis

guitars (ex-Arch Enemy, ex-Nevermore, guest for Rorschach Test)

Keith Merrow


Alex Webster

bass (Blotted Science, Cannibal Corpse, ex-Hate Eternal)

Alex Rüdinger

drums (guest for Intronaut)


Conquering Dystopia  
2014 independent
  1. Prelude to Obliteration
  2. Tethys
  3. Ashes of Lesser Men
  4. Doomsday Clock
  5. Inexhaustible Savagery
  6. Totalitarian Sphere
  7. Lachrymose
  8. Autarch
  9. Nuclear Justice
  10. Kufra at Dusk
  11. Resurrection in Black
  12. Destroyer of Dreams
  • Jeff Loomis
  • Keith Merrow
  • Alex Webster
  • Alex RĂ¼dinger

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