Origin: Florida, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: May 17, 2010

Control Denied

Control Denied first came into being in 1996, shortly after Death mainman Chuck Schuldiner decided to disband that group in favor of a slightly more melodic direction. Later, he shelved the project and reformed Death instead, with both members and songs from CD moving on to what would eventually become The Sound Of Perseverance in 1998. Finally, Chuck decided to pick up the project early in 1999 (whether as a separate project from Death, or a continuation, has never been made quite clear), and the debut album was quite worth the wait. The Fragile Art Of Existence is very much a continuation of late-period Death, with the obvious exception of the very well-done vocals by Tim Aymar -- really an excellent release. Work had begun on a followup, tentatively entitled When Machine And Man Collide, but Chuck's death in December 2001 put a stop to the recordings. Since then there have been several efforts to release those later works (completed or not), though legal wranglings have prevented this from happening. But in May 2010 there are new reports that an agreement with the Schuldiner family has been reached, and so new recordings may yet see the light of day.

Last Lineup

Tim Aymar

vocals (ex-Pharaoh) RIP: February 13, 2023, age 59

Chuck Schuldiner

guitars (ex-Death, ex-Voodoocult) RIP: December 13, 2001, cancer, age 34

Shannon Hamm

guitars (ex-Death)

Steve DiGiorgio

bass (Act Of Denial, ex-Artension, ex-Autopsy, Charred Walls Of The Damned, ex-Death, ex-Dragonlord, ex-Ephel Duath, Futures End, guest for Iced Earth, guest for Megadeth, ex-Memorain, ex-Painmuseum, ex-Quo Vadis, ex-Sadus, ex-Scariot, ex-Soen, Testament, guest for Vintersorg)

Richard Christy

drums (ex-Acheron, ex-Burning Inside, Charred Walls Of The Damned, ex-Death, ex-Iced Earth, ex-Leash Law)


The Fragile Art Of Existence  
1999 Nuclear Blast
  1. Consumed
  2. Breaking The Broken
  3. Expect The Unexpected
  4. What If...?
  5. When The Link Becomes Missing
  6. Believe
  7. Cut Down
  8. The Fragile Art Of Existence
  • Tim Aymar
  • Chuck Schuldiner
  • Shannon Hamm
  • Steve DiGiorgio
  • Richard Christy
1999 Readers' Album #20

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