Origin: New York, New York, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Last update/review: August 27, 1999


Cities had a strong underground following thanks to some excellent demos, but for some reason this album didn't catch on. Annihilation Absolute was a fine classy power metal album, though it could be argued that the album didn't really capture the essence of the band as shown on their demos and live shows. Drummer A.J. Pero was the drummer for Twisted Sister -- he played with Cities in their early days, left for Twisted Sister, and then returned to record the album. The band presumably broke up soon after the album's release, as they disappeared from public view. Many years later (around 1995), some members (Pero, Angell, possibly others) formed a band called Father Time, but they were never able to record.

Last Lineup

Ron Angel


Steve Mironovich

guitars RIP: March 23, 2024, age 60

Sal Mayn


A.J. Pero

drums (ex-Adrenaline Mob, ex-Twisted Sister) RIP: March 20, 2015, heart attack, age 55


Annihilation Absolute  
1986 Metal Blade
  1. In The Heat Of The Night
  2. Innocent Victim
  3. Not Alone In The Dark
  4. Burn Forever
  5. Fight For Your Life
  6. Stop The Race
  • Ron Angel
  • Steve Mironovich
  • Sal Mayn
  • A.J. Pero

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