Origin: Latvia  
Genres: Death Metal
Page online: January 28, 2007
Last update/review: January 28, 2007

Brute Chant

Brute Chant is a bizarre little band hailing from Eastern Europe, with a single album Killer Each Of You released in 2002. Basically these guys play a loose form of choppy death metal (indeed, they were recommended to this site as a challenger to Neglected Fields' claim as Latvia's best tech death metal band, though they sound nothing like that band, nor any other band one might associate with the term "technical death metal"), with four distinct musicians each playing their own role, ranging from the guitarist's odd, dischordant riffs, to the drummer's almost jazzy rhythms, to the rumbling bass lines, to the gutteral growls of the vocalist. This isn't for everyone, but Killer Each Of You is one of the stranger takes on death metal out there, and for that reason alone is worth a listen. For whatever reason the band only recorded the one album before disbanding.

Last Lineup

Sandis Korps


Janis Aizkalns


Dainis Krikis


Dzintars Viksna



Killer Each Of You  
2002 Father
  1. Brother (Mechanical)
  2. Another Level
  3. Olympiad
  4. D.C.M. (Dead Cows Milk)
  5. Hair Scoff
  6. Seminal Salute
  7. Pink Noise
  8. Unface
  9. Carnal
  10. Betons
  • Sandis Korps
  • Janis Aizkalns
  • Dainis Krikis
  • Dzintars Viksna

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