Origin: USA  
Genres: Gothic Metal
Last update/review: April 9, 2007


Alas was a project led by Erik Rutan, well known for his work in Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal. Death metal is not the focus here, however, as Rutan is intent on exploring a different side of metal. Absolute Purity features dense, complex riffing, almost progressive at times, overlaid by crystal clear female soprano vocals. The combination of dark, busy arrangements and Martina's vocals is occasionally slightly incongruous (as if the vocals don't quite match the accompanying riffs), but more often the effect is rich, striking, and original. This is the kind of album that takes a few listens to get into, but the effort is often worthwhile. Rutan is still active in Hate Eternal, and thus it appears that this project is inactive.

Last Lineup

Martina Hornbacher

vocals (ex-Dreams Of Sanity, ex-Korova)

Erik Rutan

guitars (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, ex-Morbid Angel, ex-Ripping Corpse)

Scott Hornick

bass (Dim Mak)

Howard Davis



Absolute Purity  
2001 Hammerheart
  1. Absolute Purity
  2. The Enchanted
  3. Endlessly Searching
  4. Silencing The Sorrow
  5. Loss Of A Life
  6. Tragedies
  7. Quest Of Serenity
  8. Rejection Of What You Perceive
  9. Surmounting The Masse
  • Martina Hornbacher
  • Erik Rutan
  • Scott Hornick
  • Howard Davis

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