Origin: Athens, Greece  
Genres: Death Metal
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Last update/review: March 31, 2019

Acid Death

An interesting sound here, this Greek band going for a blend of death, thrash, and even a touch of progressive metal, with traditional death metal vocals over the top. There is a fair amount of diversity in the music, so that even with the samey vocals, the songs contain a degree of individuality, and the musicianship is quite solid without being over-indulgent. Random's Manifest is the only album reviewed here -- other reviews suggest that the previous album, Pieces Of Mankind, might be better, if more thrash-based. Nevertheless, Random's Manifest is quite a find and worth a a listen. The band formally announced its breakup in August of 2001, citing the reason as "it is better to burn out than fade away". A decade later, though, the core of the band put together a new lineup and so the group is once again active.

Current Members

Savvas Betinis


Dennis Kostopoulos


John Anagnostou


Kostas Alexakis


Former Members/Guests

Themis K.

guitars (guest for Aenaon)

Kostas Karavelas


Nikos Andreadakis


Kostas Tsompanos



Misled (split w/ Avulsed)  
1995 Molon Lave
  • Savvas Betinis
  • Dennis Kostopoulos
  • Themis K.
  • Kostas Tsompanos

Pieces Of Mankind  
1997 Metal Mad
  1. Lost (Intro)
  2. While The End Is Coming
  3. Reappearing Freedom
  4. Our Shadows
  5. Frozen Heart
  6. My Destination
  7. Liquid Heaven
  8. Realising
  9. A/I
  10. The Mirror On The Top Of The World
  • Savvas Betinis
  • Dennis Kostopoulos
  • Themis K.
  • Kostas Tsompanos

Random's Manifest  
2000 Black Lotus
  1. Perfect Enemy
  2. Random's Manifest (Part I)
  3. Psycho Love
  4. Sense Of Annihilation
  5. Curse Of Flesh
  6. In Sorrow
  7. Random's Manifest (Part II)
  8. Misery Colored Yellow-Black
  9. Teach To Kill
  10. Future Deadlock
  11. Random's Manifest
  12. W.A.R. (Wrong And Right)
  • Savvas Betinis
  • Dennis Kostopoulos
  • Nikos Andreadakis
  • Kostas Tsompanos

  1. Blind Reflection
  2. Crossing the Line
  3. Towards Hate
  4. Convict 655321
  5. Inside My Walls
  6. No Sky above
  7. Eidolon
  8. Odious Maggots
  9. Dying Alone
  10. Sole Truth
  • Savvas Betinis
  • Dennis Kostopoulos
  • Kostas Karavelas
  • Kostas Alexakis

Misled  EP
  1. Misled
  2. Dragon Queen
  3. Civil War
  4. Balance of Power
  5. Splitting Your Mind's Eye
  • Savvas Betinis
  • Dennis Kostopoulos
  • John Anagnostou
  • Kostas Alexakis

Hall Of Mirrors  
  1. Hell's Maw
  2. Mental Slime
  3. Truth Revealed
  4. Life and Death
  5. The Unfair Fight
  6. Hall of Mirrors
  7. Taste of the Erratic
  8. Ghostship
  9. Planes of the Eternal Dead
  10. Supreme Act of Heroism
  • Savvas Betinis
  • Dennis Kostopoulos
  • John Anagnostou
  • Kostas Alexakis

Primal Energies  
2019 7Hard
  1. My Bloody Crown
  2. Inner Demons
  3. Godless Shrines
  4. Primal Energies
  5. The Rope
  6. Fire of the Insane
  7. Reality and Fear
  8. Regret/Repent
  9. The Void Before...
  10. H.U.M.A.N.
  • Savvas Betinis
  • Dennis Kostopoulos
  • John Anagnostou
  • Kostas Alexakis

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