Origin: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: July 7, 2006
Last update/review: July 7, 2006

Axis Of Advance

The bio from this Canadian trio says it all: "(the goal in forming the band was) to create some of the most punishing black/death metal the world had ever seen.". Based on that description, it appears that Axis Of Advance has succeeded. This is over-the-top, completely relentless hyperspeed death metal, with vocals both in the black and death category and an absolutely inhuman drummer in J. Read -- his stuff is ridiculously exhausting just to listen to, and one can only imagine how much energy it takes to play it. Nothing remotely subtle here, and nothing really that technical, but just an aural death metal assault -- really, "punishing" is the key word here.

Last Lineup



Vermin (Chris Ross)

bass/vocals (ex-Wolfmother)

James Read



Landline  EP
1998 Catharsis
  1. Curtailing Factors Of Interference
  2. Structural Interpretation Via Superfluous Union
  3. Re-Animation
  • Wör
  • Vermin
  • James Read

  1. Evanescent Judgement of the Last Era
  2. New World Ruin
  3. Primeval Expansion
  4. Absolute Conviction in the Accolade
  5. Structural Interpretation Via Superfluous Union
  6. Curtailing Factors of Interference
  7. Nix the Sphere
  • Wör
  • Vermin
  • James Read

The List  
2002 Osmose
  1. Annihilation
  2. The Torture
  3. Sacrifice
  4. Massacrion
  5. Namination
  6. Supremincer
  7. RetAllahttack
  8. Shifter
  • Wör
  • Vermin
  • James Read

2004 Osmose
  1. Of One To Conflict It
  2. Revolution Decimation
  3. Veiled Cast of Judgement
  4. Wrath Pounding
  5. God-Eye Command
  6. In Wait Lie
  7. Cube of Odium
  8. Masterrorder
  • Wör
  • Vermin
  • James Read

Purify  EP
2006 Osmose
  1. Foundation: Artifice Descends
  2. Deceivers Purged
  3. Edifice: The Power of Three
  4. Tactics Forth
  5. Pinnacle: Hail The End
  • Wör
  • Vermin
  • James Read

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