Bands whose names start with 'U'

Uccultum,  a band from Hudson, NH, USA
U.D.O.,  a power metal band from Germany
UFO,  a 70's metal/traditional metal band from England
Ufomammut,  a stoner rock/doom metal band from Italy
Ulcerate,  a death metal band from Auckland, New Zealand
Ultimatum,  a christian metal/thrash metal band from Albuquerque, NM, USA
Ultraspank,  a nu-metal band from Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Ulver,  a black metal/eclectic metal band from Norway
Unanimated,  a melodic death metal band from Sweden
Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats,  a doom metal/stoner rock band from Cambridge, England (page not yet online)
Uncle Slam,  a thrash metal/crossover band from Los Angeles, CA, USA
Under Moonlight Sadness,  a death metal band from Mexico
Under The Sun,  a doom metal band from USA
Underlord,  a band from Canada
Underoath,  a christian metal/metalcore band from Clearwater, FL, USA
Unearth,  a metalcore band from Boston, MA, USA
Unearthly Trance,  a sludge metal band from New York, NY, USA
Unexpect,  a eclectic metal band from Montreal, QC, Canada
Unida,  a stoner rock band from USA
Unisonic,  a band from Germany (page not yet online)
United,  a thrash metal band from Japan
Unjust,  a nu-metal band from San Francisco, CA, USA
Unleashed,  a death metal band from Sweden
Unleashed Power,  a band from USA
Unorthodox,  a doom metal band from Silver Spring, MD, USA
Urgehal,  a black metal band from Norway
Uriah Heep,  a 70's metal/hard rock band from England (page not yet online)
Urkraft,  a melodic death metal band from Denmark (page not yet online)
User Ne,  a band from Málaga, Spain
Usurper,  a band from Chicago, IL, USA

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