Upcoming Releases

The following is a listing of upcoming releases for bands featured on the BNR pages. The information has been gathered from various sources (mostly Blabbermouth and blogs from the bands themselves), and by no means is guaranteed to be accurate, as I have no inside knowledge about these releases. I simply list these as an aid to myself for maintaining the site, as well as hopefully providing information to others. If you have reliable information about an upcoming release, let me know.

November 2013

Nov 13 Intronaut A The Direction Of Last Things

August 2015

Aug 14 Stratovarius A Eternal

Summer 2015

Girlschool A Guilty As Sin

September 2015

Sep 4 Ramming Speed A No Epitaphs
Sep 4 Black Majesty A Cross Of Thorns
Sep 4 Amorphis A Under The Red Cloud
Sep 4 Iron Maiden A The Book Of Souls
Sep 4 Leaves' Eyes A King Of Kings
Sep 11 Death Dealer A Hallowed Ground
Sep 11 Acid Death A Hall Of Mirrors
Sep 11 Slayer A Repentless
Sep 16 Concerto Moon A Between Life And Death
Sep 18 Black Dahlia Murder A Abysmal
Sep 18 Seven Witches A The Way Of The Wicked
Sep 18 Masters Of Metal A From Worlds Beyond
Sep 18 Malevolent Creation A Dead Man's Path
Sep 18 Tank (Tucker/Evans version) A Valley Of Tears
Sep 18 Sacred Oath A Ravensong
Sep 18 Mustasch A Testosterone
Sep 18 My Dying Bride A Feel The Misery
Sep 18 Skepticism A Ordeal
Sep 18 Annihilator A Suicide Society
Sep 18 Operation: Mindcrime A The Key
Sep 25 Parkway Drive A IRE
Sep 25 Huntress A Static
Sep 25 Graveyard A Innocence & Decadence
Riverside A Love, Fear And The Time Machine

October 2015

Oct 2 Children Of Bodom A I Worship Chaos
Oct 2 Trivium A Silence In The Snow
Oct 2 Denner/Shermann A (EP) Satan's Tomb
Oct 2 W.A.S.P. A Golgotha
Oct 2 Entwine A Chaotic Nation
Oct 2 Kylesa A Exhausting Fire
Oct 2 Queensryche A Condition Hüman
Oct 2 Clutch A Psychic Warfare
Oct 2 Sevendust A Kill The Flaw
Oct 9 Monster Magnet A Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)
Oct 9 Nonexist A Throne Of Scars
Oct 9 Savage A 7
Oct 16 Circle II Circle A Reign Of Darkness
Oct 16 Saxon A Battering Ram
Oct 16 Black Tide A Chasing Shadows
Oct 23 Vhöl A Deeper Than Sky
Grave A Out Of Respect For The Dead
Satan A Atom By Atom

November 2015

Nov 6 Chastain A We Bleed Metal
Swallow The Sun A Songs From The North I, II & III

Fall 2015

Into Eternity A Sirens

December 2015

Dec 18 Baroness A Purple

Late 2015

Omen A Hammer Damage
Virgin Steele A Hymns To Damnation
Tank (Algy Ward version) A Sturmpanzer

Early 2016

Avantasia A Ghostlights

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