Under One Flag Records

Under One Flag was a subsidiary or sister label to Music For Nations, and it specialized in thrash, at times being the British counterpart to Combat Records.

Catalog of Under One Flag Records:

Catalog # Band Album
FLAG 1 Onslaught The Force
FLAG 2 V/A Speed Kills II
FLAG 3 Possessed Beyond The Gates
FLAG 4 English Dogs Where Legend Began
FLAG 5 Nuclear Assault (EP) Brain Death
FLAG 6 Dark Angel Darkness Descends
FLAG 7 Onslaught Power From Hell
FLAG 8 Bathory Bathory
FLAG 9 Bathory The Return
FLAG 10 Holy Terror Terror And Submission
FLAG 11 Bathory Under The Sign Of The Black Mark
FLAG 12 Death Scream Bloody Gore
FLAG 13 Nuclear Assault Game Over
FLAG 14 Death Angel The Ultra-Violence
FLAG 15 Sacrilege Within The Prophecy
FLAG 16 Sacrilege Turn Back Trilobite
FLAG 17 V/A Speed Kills III
FLAG 18 Blind Illusion The Sane Asylum
FLAG 19 Agonizer Birth / The End
FLAG 20 Acid Reign (EP) Moshkinstein
FLAG 21 Nuclear Assault (EP) The Plague
FLAG 22 Hexx (EP) Quest For Sanity
FLAG 23 Apocalypse Apocalypse
FLAG 24 Death Leprosy
FLAG 25 Holy Terror Mind Wars
FLAG 26 Bathory Blood Fire Death
FLAG 27 Forbidden Forbidden Evil
FLAG 28 Raven Nothing Exceeds Like Excess
FLAG 29 Sacrilege Turn Back Trilobite
FLAG 30 Dark Angel Leave Scars
FLAG 31 Acid Reign The Fear
FLAG 32 Re-Animator (EP) Deny Reality
FLAG 33 V/A Speed Kills 4
FLAG 34 Faith Or Fear Punishment Area
FLAG 35 Nuclear Assault Survive
FLAG 36 Venom (EP) Tear Your Soul Apart
FLAG 37 Re-Animator Condemned To Eternity
FLAG 38 Death Spiritual Healing
FLAG 39 Acid Reign Obnoxious
FLAG 41 Dethrone
FLAG 42 Dark Angel (EP) Live Scars
FLAG 43 Forbidden (EP) Raw Evil: Live At The Dynamo
FLAG 44 Devastation Signs Of Life
FLAG 45 Acid Drinkers Are You A Rebel?
FLAG 46 V/A Speed Kills 5
FLAG 47 Turbo Dead End
FLAG 48 Dragon Fallen Angel
FLAG 49 Wolf Spider Kingdom Of Paranoia
FLAG 50 Venom Temples Of Ice
FLAG 51 Seventh Angel The Torment
FLAG 52 Sarcofago Rotting
FLAG 53 Re-Animator Laughing
FLAG 54 Dark Angel Time Does Not Heal
FLAG 55 Detritus Perpetual Defiance
FLAG 56 Venom The Waste Lands
FLAG 57 Ripping Corpse Dreaming With The Dead
FLAG 58 Dragon Scream Of Death
FLAG 59 Acid Drinkers Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks
FLAG 60 Acid Reign The Worst Of Acid Reign
FLAG 61 Mortal Sin Rebellious Youth
FLAG 62 Creation Of Death Purify Your Soul
FLAG 63 Wolf Spider Drifting In The Sullen Sea
FLAG 64 Nuclear Assault Out Of Order
FLAG 65 Seventh Angel Lament For The Weary
FLAG 66 Sarcofago The Laws Of Scourge
FLAG 67 Re-Animator That Was Then, This Is Now
FLAG 68 CIA Attitude
FLAG 69 V/A Speed Kills 6
FLAG 70 Dark Angel
FLAG 71 Death Fate
FLAG 72 Venom Old, New, Borrowed And Blue
FLAG 73 Forbidden Point Of No Return
FLAG 74 Possessed Agony In Paradise
FLAG 75 Cerebral Fix Death Erotica
FLAG 76 Acid Drinkers Strip Tease
FLAG 77 Praying Mantis Predator In Disguise
FLAG 78 Bad Moon Rising Bad Moon Rising
FLAG 79 Bad Moon Rising Blood
FLAG 80 Praying Mantis A Cry For The New World
FLAG 81 Genitorturers 120 Days Of Genitorture
FLAG 82 Sweet Sister Flora And Fauna
FLAG 101 English Dogs (EP) Metalmorphosis
FLAG 102 Nuclear Assault Brain Death
FLAG 103 Onslaught Let There Be Rock
FLAG 104 Overkill (EP) Fuck You
FLAG 105 Nuclear Assault Fight To Be Free
FLAG 106 Acid Reign Humanoia
FLAG 107 Nuclear Assault Good Times Bad Times
FLAG 108 Forbidden (EP) Raw Evil: Live At The Dynamo
FLAG 109 Acid Reign Hangin' On The Telephone

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