PsycheDOOMelic Records

The name says it all -- this was a doom label, based in Hungary, and released a number of quality doom acts from around the world from 2002 to 2012.

Catalog of PsycheDOOMelic Records:

Catalog # Band Album
PSY001 Voodooshock Voodooshock
PSY002 Negative Reaction Everything You Need For Galactic Battle Adventure
PSY003 Voodooshock/Ironkind 7"
PSY004 Orodruin Epicurean Mass
PSY005 Wall Of Sleep (MCD) Overlook The All
PSY006 Ramesses 7"
PSY007 Ramesses/Negative Reaction split CD
PSY008 Negative Reaction Endofyorerror
PSY009 Voodooshock (EP) Voodoom
PSY010 Wall Of Sleep Slow But Not Dead
PSY011 V/A Dreams Of What Life Could Have Been
PSY012 Reverend Bizarre Slice Of Doom
PSY013 Orodruin Claw Tower
PSY014 Dream Death Back From The Dead (demos)
PSY015 Penance The Road Revisited
PSY016 Black Manta (EP) Fuck Them All But Six
PSY017 Mood Slow Down
PSY018 Wall Of Sleep Sun Faced Apostles
PSY019 World Below Maelstrom
PSY020 Pale Divine Thunder Perfect Mind
PSY021 Starchild Born Into Eternity
PSY022 Brujas Del Mar
PSY024 Voodooshock 7"
PSY025 Dreaming II
PSY026 Stereochrist Live Like A Man (Die As A God)
PSY027 Möse/Hog Mountin
PSY028 World Below Repulsion
PSY029 Leather Nun All Your Kin
PSY030 Negative Reaction/When The Deadbolt Breaks
PSY031 Iron Hearse Iron Hearse
PSY032 Mood The Last Ride Of Doomanoids
PSY033 Trinakrius Inquisantism
PSY034 Leather Nun Absence Of Light
PSY035 Negative Reaction Tales From The Insomniac
PSY036 Orodruin Epicurean Mass
PSY037 Stardrive Kings And Slaves
PSY039 Dead Mask Under Luciferian Wings
PSY040 Saturnalia Temple Ur
PSY041 Habsyll MMVIII
PSY042 Olde Crone Old Crone
PSY043 Our Survival Depends On Us
PSY044 Planet Gemini Wicked
PSY045 Unsilence Under A Torn Sky
PSY046 Atolah Relics
PSY047 Wretched (EP) Black Ambience
PSY048 Iron Hearse/Leather Nun America
PSY049 Iron Hearse (EP) Lunar Funeral
PSY050 Magma Rise Lazy Stream Of Steel
PSY051 Stereochrist III
PSY053 Keef Stoned To Doom
PSY054 Wall Of Sleep When Mountains Roar
PSY055 Gallow God False Mystical Prose
PSY057 Wizard's Beard Pure Filth
PSY064 Evangelist In Partibus Infidelium

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