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Neat Records was one of the prototypical NWOBHM labels of the early 80's, based in the Newcastle area and initially snapping up seemingly every band in the area. Raven and Venom are perhaps the two best-known signings, but the label did quite well for itself in those early days, rivaling Heavy Metal and Ebony for NWOBHM supremacy. As the NWOBHM faded in the mid to late eighties, so did Neat Records' stature. At one point the label was owned by one-time Tygers Of Pan Tang vocalist Jess Cox. The label lasted in its original form until around 1993, and a subsidiary/followup label, ?, carried on after that.

Catalog of Neat Records:

Catalog # Band Album
1000 V/A Lead Weight
1001 Raven Rock Until You Drop
1002 Venom Welcome To Hell
1003 Fist Back With A Vengeance
1004 Raven Wiped Out
1005 Venom Black Metal
1006 Hellanbach Now Hear This
1007 Jaguar Power Games
1008 Geordie No Sweat
1009 Dedringer Second Rising
1010 Jess Cox Band Third Step
1011 Raven All For One
1012 Satan Court In The Act
1013 Cloven Hoof Cloven Hoof
1014 V/A Metal Battle
1015 Venom At War With Satan
1016 Saracen Change Of Heart
1017 Tysondog Beware Of The Dog
1018 Avenger Blood Sports
1019 Hellanbach The Big H
1020 Raven Live At The Inferno
1021 Warfare Pure Filth
1022 Phasslayne Cut It Up
1023 Blitzkrieg A Time Of Changes
1024 Venom Possessed
1025 Axewitch Visions Of The Past
1026 Avenger Killer Elite
1027 Wishbone Ash Raw To The Bone
1028 Atomkraft Future Warriors
1029 Warfare Metal Anarchy
1030 Artillery Fear Of Tomorrow
1031 Tysondog Crimes Of Insanity
1032 Venom Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
1033 V/A Powertrax
1034 Black Rose Walk It How You Talk It
1035 Deaf Dealer Keeper Of The Flame
1036 War Machine Unknown Soldier
1037 Tygers Of Pan Tang First Kill
1038 Artillery Terror Squad
1039 Peer Gunt Back Seat
1040 Warfare Mayhem, Fuckin' Mayhem
1041 Atomkraft (EP) Queen Of Death
1042 Mantas Winds Of Change
1043 Slutt Model Youth
1044 Warfare Conflict Of Hatred
1045 Shotgun Brides Nothin' Ventured
1046 Artillery By Inheritance
1047 Decimator Carnage City
1048 Cronos Dancing In The Fire
NM 002 Blitzkrieg Unholy Trinity
NM 003 Cronos Venom
NM 004 Savage Holy Wars
NM 006 Holocaust Spirits Fly
NM 008 Marshall Law Law In The Raw
NM 011 Sweet Savage Killing Time
NM 012 Blitzkrieg Ten
NM 016 Savage Babylon
NM 020 Holocaust Covenant
NM 023 Marshall Law Metal Detector
NM 032 Blitzkrieg The Mists Of Avalon
NM 035 Marshall Law Warning From History
NM 041 Jaguar Wake Me
NM 042 Savage Xtreme Machine
EDGY 110 Gaskin (EP) The Contract
EDGY 111 Holocaust The Courage To Be
EDGY 112 Tygers Of Pan Tang Live At Nottingham Rock City ('81)
EDGY 113 Witchfynde The Witching Hour
. Atomkraft Conductors Of Noise
. Cronos Rock'n'Roll Disease
. Neglected Fields Synthinity
. Raven (EP) Crash Bang Wallop
. Sweet Savage Rune
. Venom (EP) Nightmare

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