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Band Album
The 69 Eyes Universal Monsters
The Abyss The Other Side
  Summon The Beast
Accept Blood Of The Nations
  Blind Rage
  Restless And Live
  The Rise Of Chaos
Afflicted Prodigal Sun
After Forever After Forever
Agathodaimon Blacken The Angel
  Higher Art Of Rebellion
  (EP) Bislang
  Chapter III
  Serpent's Embrace
Am I Blood Am I Blood
Alkemyst Meeting In The Mist
Almanac Tsar
Amorphis Eclipse
  Silent Waters
  Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes
  The Beginning Of Times
  Best Of
  Under The Red Cloud
Anthrax We've Come For You All
Arsis We Are The Nightmare
  Starve For The Devil
Ashes Of Ares Ashes Of Ares
Augury Fragmentary Evidence
Avantasia (EP) Lost In Space, Part 1
  (EP) Lost In Space, Part 2
  The Scarecrow
  Angel Of Babylon
  Wicked Symphony
  The Flying Opera - Around The World In 20 Days
  The Mystery Of Time
Avatarium (EP) Moonhorse
  (EP) All I Want
  The Girl With The Raven Mask
  Hurricanes And Halos
Bal-Sagoth The Power Cosmic
  Atlantis Ascendant
  The Chthonic Chronicles
Behemoth The Satanist
  Live Barbarossa
Belphegor Pestapokalypse VI
  Bondage Goat Zombie
  Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn
Benediction Subconscious Terror
  The Grand Leveller
  (EP) Dark Is The Season
  Transcend The Rubicon
  (EP) The Grotesque / Ashen Epitaph
  The Dreams You Dread
  Grind Bastard
  Organized Chaos
  Killing Music
Biohazard Reborn In Defiance
Blind Guardian A Twist In The Myth
  At The Edge Of Time
  Beyond The Red Mirror
  Live Beyond The Spheres
The Black League Ichor
  (EP) Doomsday Sun
  Utopia A.D.
Brutality Screams Of Anguish
  When The Sky Turns Black
  In Mourning
Brujeria Pocho Aztlan
Black Star Riders All Hell Breaks Loose
Before The Dawn Deathstar Rising
  Rise Of The Phoenix
Candlemass Candlemass
  King Of The Grey Islands
  Lucifer Rising
  Death Magic Doom
  Ashes To Ashes - Live
Carcass Surgical Steel
  (EP) Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel
Cathedral The Garden Of Unearthly Delights
  The Guessing Game
Cellar Darling This Is The Sound
Chrome Division Doomsday Rock'n'Roll
  Booze, Broads And Beelzebub
  3rd Round Knockout
  Infernal Rock Eternal
Clawfinger Hate Yourself With Style
Children Of Bodom Halo Of Blood
  I Worship Chaos
Control Denied The Fragile Art Of Existence
Cradle Of Filth The Manticore & Other Horrors
  Hammer Of The Witches
  Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay
Coldseed Completion Makes The Tragedy
Communic Conspiracy In Mind
  Waves Of Visual Decay
  Payment Of Existence
  The Bottom Deep
Crematory Awake
  Act Seven
Crack Up From The Ground
  Heads Will Roll
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Have A Nice Trip
  Friede Sei Mit Dir
  Riders On The Storm
  (EP) Der Weg
  Moral & Wahnsinn
  The Greatest Of The Best
  Der Rote Reiter
Death Angel The Art Of Dying
  Killing Season
  Sonic German Beatdown - Live In Germany
  Sonic German Beatdown - Live In Germany
  Relentless Retribution
  The Dream Calls For Blood
  The Bay Calls For Blood - Live In San Francisco
  A Thrashumentary
  The Evil Divide
Death Sound Of Perseverance
  Live In LA (Death & Raw)
  Live In LA (Death & Raw)
  Live In Eindhoven
  Live In Eindhoven
  Live In Cottbus '98
Decrepit Birth Polarity
  Axis Mundi
Decapitated Carnival Is Forever
  Blood Mantra
Dew-Scented Inwards
  Issue VI
Destruction All Hell Breaks Loose
  The Antichrist
  Metal Discharge
  Live Discharge
  Day Of Reckoning
  Spiritual Genocide
  Under Attack
Dimmu Borgir Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
  Godless Savage Garden
  Spiritual Black Dimensions
  Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
  World Misanthropy
  Death Cult Armageddon
  In Sorte Diaboli
  Forces Of The Northern Night
Dismal Euphony All Little Devils
  (EP) Lady Ablaze
  Python Zero
Divine Eve (EP) As The Angels Weep
Disharmonic Orchestra Split w/ Pungent Stench
  Not To Be Undimensional Conscious
Disbelief 66Sick
Dismember Like An Ever-Flowing Stream
  (EP) Pieces
  Indecent & Obscene
  Massive Killing Capacity
  (EP) Misanthropic
  Death Metal
  Hate Campaign
Dissection (EP) Where Dead Angels Lie
  Live Legacy
Demonoid Riders Of The Apocalypse
Demonaz March Of The Norse
The Doomsday Kingdom (EP) Never Machine Demo EP
  The Doomsday Kingdom
Doro 25 Years In Rock ... And Still Going Strong
  (EP) Raise Your Fist In The Air
  Raise Your Fist
Darkane Insanity
  Expanding Senses
  Layers Of Lies
  Demonic Art
  Layers Of Live
Darkseed Spellcraft
  Diving Into Darkness
Despised Icon Beast
Deathstars Synthetic Generation
  Termination Bliss
  Night Electric Night
  Decade Of Debauchery
  The Greatest Hits On Earth
  The Perfect Cult
The Duskfall Lifetime Supply Of Guilt
  The Dying Wonders Of The World
Devilment The Great And Secret Show
Edguy (EP) Superheroes
  Rocket Ride
  The Singles
  Tinnitus Sanctus
  Fucking With F***
  Age Of The Joker
  Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown
Ektomorf Destroy
  Live And Raw
Eluveitie Slania
  Live At Metalcamp
  Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion
  Everything Remains As It Never Was
  The Early Years
  Evocation II - Pantheon
Enforcer From Beyond
  Live By Fire
Enslaved Riitiir
  In Times
Epica The Divine Conspiracy
  The Classical Conspiracy
  Design Your Universe
  Requiem For The Indifferent
  The Quantum Enigma
  The Holographic Principle
  (EP) The Solace System
Equilibrium Sagas
  (EP) Waldschrein
EverEve Seasons
Ex Deo Romulus
Exodus Tempo Of The Damned
  Shovel Headed Kill Machine
  The Atrocity Exhibition ... Exhibit A
  Shovel Headed Tour Machine
  Exhibit B: The Human Condition
  Blood In, Blood Out
Face Down The Twisted Rule The Wicked
Fear Factory Genexus
Fireball Ministry The Second Great Awakening
Fleshgod Apocalypse Agony
Forbidden Omega Wave
Gardenian Soulburner
Generation Kill We're All Gonna Die
Godgory Resurrection
  Way Beyond
Gorefest False
  The Eindhoven Insanity
  (EP) Fear
  Soul Survivor
  To Hell And Back - A Goreography
  La Muerte
  Rise To Ruin
Gorgoroth Destroyer
  Incipit Satan
  Twilight Of The Idols
Grave Digger The Gravedigger
  The Last Supper
  25 To Live
  25 To Live
  Liberty Or Death
Grand Magus The Hunt
  Triumph And Power
  Sword Songs
Graveworm Engraved In Black
  Fragments Of Death
Graveyard Hisingen Blues
  Lights Out
  Innocence & Decadence
HammerFall Glory To The Brave
  Legacy Of Kings
  The First Crusade
  Crimson Thunder
  The Templar Renegade Crusades
  Hearts On Fire
  One Crimson Night
  One Crimson Night
  Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
  Steel Meets Steel - 10 Years Of Glory
  Rebels With A Cause
  No Sacrifice, No Victory
  Gate Of Dalhalla
Hell Human Remains
  Curse And Chapter
Helloween My God-Given Right
Hollow Modern Cathedral
  Architect Of The Mind
Horde Hellig Usvart
Hatebreed The Concrete Confessional
Hypocrisy Penetralia
  Osculum Obscenum
  (EP) Inferior Devoties
  The Fourth Dimension
  (EP) Maximum Abduction
  The Final Chapter
  Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken
  Into The Abyss
  Live & Clips
  10 Years Of Chaos And Confusion
  The Arrival
  Catch 22 V2.0.08
  A Taste Of Extreme Divinity
  Hell Over Sofia
  Beast Of Hypocrisy
  End Of Disclosure
I Between Two Worlds
Immolation Majesty And Decay
  Kingdom Of Conspiracy
Immortal Sons Of Northern Darkness
  All Shall Fall
  The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh
In Flames The Jester Race
  (EP) Black-Ash Inheritance
  The Tokyo Showdown
  Reroute To Remain
  (EP) Trigger
  Soundtrack To Your Escape
  Come Clarity
  A Sense Of Purpose
  Sounds Of A Playground Fading
  Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg
Invocator Early Years (demos)
  Dying To Live
Kadavar Abra Kadavar
  Live In Antwerp
Kataklysm The Mystical Gate Of Reincarnation
  Temple Of Knowledge
  Epic The Poetry Of War
  Shadows And Dust
  Serenity In Fire
  In The Arms Of Devastation
  Heaven's Venom
  The Iron Will: 20 Years Determined
  Waiting For The End To Come
  Of Ghosts And Gods
Killer Be Killed Killer Be Killed
Keep Of Kalessin Kolossus
Korpiklaani Karkelo
  Ukon Wacka
The Kovenant Nexus Polaris
Kreator Terror Prevails - Live At Rock Hard Festival
  Phantom Antichrist
  Dying Alive
  Gods Of Violence
Karma To Burn Live 2009 - Reunion Tour
Lamb Of God VII: Sturm Und Drang
Lordi The Monsterican Dream
Lost Society Fast Loud Death
  Terror Hungry
Lost Souls Fracture
Lock Up Pleasures Pave Sewers
  Hate Breeds Suffering
  Necropolis Transparent
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody Ascending To Infinity
  Prometheus - Symphonia Ignis Divinus
Macabre Sinister Slaughter
  (EP) Behind The Wall Of Sleep
Malevolent Creation The Will To Kill
  Doomsday X
Machine Head Bloodstone & Diamonds
Manowar Hell On Stage
  Hell On Stage
  Warriors Of The World
  Warriors Of The World United
  (EP) The Sons Of Odin
Metal Church Masterpeace
  The Weight Of The World
Melechesh The Epigenesis
  (EP) Mystics Of The Pillar II
Mantic Ritual Executioner
Meshuggah Contradictions Collapse
  (EP) Selfcaged
  Destroy Erase Improve
  (EP) The True Human Design
  Rare Trax
  Catch 33
  The Ophidian Trek
  The Violent Sleep Of Reason
Messiah Extreme Cold Weather / Hymn To Abramelin
Misery Index Retaliate
Mnemic Mechanical Spin Phenomena
  The Audio Injected Soul
  Sons Of The System
Mantar Ode To The Flame
M.O.D. The Rebel You Love To Hate
Monstrosity Imperial Doom
Mortification Hammer Of God
  The Silver Cord Is Severed
  Conquer The World
  Twenty Years In The Underground
Master Master
  On The 7th Day God Created ... Master
  Collection Of Souls
Mundanus Imperium The Spectral Spheres Coronation
Municipal Waste The Fatal Feast
  Slime And Punishment
Mystic Prophecy Regressus
Narnia Awakening
  Long Live The King
  Desert Land
  The Great Fall
New Eden Obscure Master Plan
Nightwish End Of An Era
  (EP) Erämaan Viimeinen
  Imaginaerum - The Score
  Showtime, Storytime
  Showtime, Storytime
  Endless Forms Most Beautiful
  Vehicle Of Spirit
Night In Gales Towards The Twilight
Nile Ithylphallic
  Those Whom The Gods Detest
  At The Gate Of Sethu
  What Should Not Be Unearthed
One Man Army And The Undead Quartet 21st Century Killing Machine
  Error In Evolution
Omnium Gatherum Years In Waste
  Stuck Here On Snakes Way
Opprobrium Beyond The Unknown
  Discerning Forces
Origin Entity
  Unparalleled Universe
Orphanage Inside
Overkill (EP) Live From Oz
  The Grinding Wheel
Pain Pain
  Cynic Paradise
  You Only Live Twice
  We Come In Peace
  Coming Home
Pallbearer Heartless
Paradise Lost Medusa
Pegazus Wings Of Destiny
  Breaking The Chains
  The Headless Horseman
Pentagram Trail Blazer
Panzer Send Them All To Hell
Primal Fear Primal Fear
  Jaws Of Death
  Nuclear Fire
  Black Sun
  The History Of Fear
  Devil's Ground
  Seven Seals
  Metal Is Forever
Pro-Pain Best Of Pro-Pain
  Act Of God
Psycroptic The Inherited Repression
Pungent Stench (EP) Extreme Deformity
  For God Your Soul ... For Me Your Flesh
  Been Caught Buttering
  Dirty Rhymes And Psychotronic Beats
  Club Mondo Bizzare - For Members Only
  Praise The Names Of The Musical Assassins
  Masters Of Moral - Servants Of Sin
Pyogenesis (EP) Waves Of Erotasia
  Sweet X-Rated Nothings
  (EP) Love Nation Sugarhead
  Mono ... Or Will It Ever Be The Way It Used To Be
  P (remixes)
  (EP) I Feel Sexy Everyday
Rage Full Moon In St. Petersburg
  Carved In Stone
  (EP) Gib Dich Nie Auf
  Strings To A Web
  (EP) My Way
  The Devil Strikes Again
  Seasons Of The Black
  The Soundchaser Archives
Raunchy Confusion Bay
Reaktor Zero Order
Raise Hell Holy Target
  Not Dead Yet
  Wicked Is My Game
Resurrection Embalmed Existence
  Mistaken For Dead
ReVamp ReVamp
  Wild Card
Rhapsody Of Fire The Frozen Tears Of Angels
  (EP) The Cold Embrace Of Fear
  From Chaos To Eternity
Ride The Sky New Protection
Sabaton Coat Of Arms
  World War Live: Battle Of The Baltic Sea
  Carolus Rex
  Swedish Empire Live
  Heroes On Tour
  The Last Stand
Samael Solar Soul
  (EP) Antigod
  Lux Mundi
Satyricon Rebel Extravaganza
Savatage Poets And Madmen
Scar Symmetry Pitch Black Progress
  Holographic Universe
  Dark Matter Dimensions
  The Unseen Empire
  The Singularity (Phase 1 - Neohumanity)
Sepultura Kairos
  The Mediator Between The Head And Hands ...
  Machine Messiah
Secret Sphere Scent Of Human Desire
  Heart And Anger
Sinergy Beware The Heavens
  To Hell And Back
  Suicide By My Side
Sinister Cross The Styx
  Diabolical Summoning
  (EP) Bastard Saints
  Aggressive Measures
  Savage Or Grace
Sinner Nature Of Evil
  The Second Decade
  The End Of Sanctuary
  There Will Be Execution
Slaughter Not Dead Yet / Paranormal
Slayer Repentless
Soulreaper Written In Blood
Soilwork A Predator's Portrait
  Natural Born Chaos
  Figure Number Five
  Stabbing The Drama
  Sworn To A Great Divide
  The Panic Broadcast
  The Living Infinite
  (EP) Beyond The Infinite
  Live In The Heart Of Helsinki
  The Ride Majestic
  Death Resonance
Sonic Syndicate Only Inhuman
  Love And Other Disasters
  We Rule The Night
  Sonic Syndicate
Sonata Arctica Reckoning Night
  For The Sake Of Revenge
  The Days Of Grays
  Stones Grow Her Name
  Pariah's Child
  Ecliptica - Revisited
  The Ninth Hour
Stormtroopers Of Death Bigger Than The Devil
Soulfly Savages
Sirenia Nine Destinies And A Downfall
  Perils Of The Deep Blue
  The Seventh Life Path
Stormwitch Witchcraft
Steel Prophet Dark Hallucinations
  Genesis (demo + covers)
  Book Of The Dead
Stratovarius Infinite
  Infinite Visions
Suffocation Blood Oath
  The Pinnacle Of Bedlam
  ... Of The Dark Night
Susperia Predominance
Swashbuckle Back To The Noose
  Crime Always Pays ...
Symphony X Iconoclast
Tarot Undead Indeed
To/Die/For Jaded
Testament The Formation Of Damnation
  Dark Roots Of Earth
  Dark Roots Of Thrash
  The Brotherhood Of The Snake
Textures Dualism
Therion (EP) The Beauty In Black
  Lepaca Kliffoth
  A'Arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming
  The Crowning Of Atlantis
  Secret Of The Runes
  Live In Midgard
  Sirius B / Lemuria
  Gothic Kaballah
  Live Gothic
  Live Gothic
  The Miskolc Experience
  Sitra Ahra
Thunderstone Thunderstone
  The Burning
  Tools Of Destruction
  Evolution 4.0
Threshold Dead Reckoning
  March Of Progress
  For The Journey
  Legends Of The Shires
Thy Serpent Christcrusher
  (EP) Death
Threat Signal Under Reprisal
  Threat Signal
Tiamat Amanethes
  The Scarred People
Tidfall Instinct Gate
Tankard A Girl Called Cerveza
  One Foot In The Grave
Theatre Of Tragedy Musique
Terror 2000 Terror For Sale
U.D.O. Holy
  Live In Russia
  Man And Machine
Unleashed As Yggdrasil Trembles
  Dawn Of The Nine
Vader Necropolis
  Welcome To The Morbid Reich
  Tibi Et Igni
  The Empire
Venom Inc. Avé
Warrior The Code Of Life
Wayne Metal Church
Witchcraft Legend
White Skull Tales From The North
  Public Glory, Secret Agony
While Heaven Wept Fear Of Infinity
  Suspended At Aphelion
Winter Into Darkness
  (EP) Eternal Frost
Within Temptation An Acoustic Night At The Theatre
Wintersun Wintersun
  Time I
  The Forest Seasons
  Live At Tuska Festival 2013
Warhammer The Doom Messiah
  Curse Of The Absolute Eclipse

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