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Hammerheart Records is one of the leading Dutch indie record labels, with a variety of mostly European bands on its roster. Founded in 1995, it flourished until around 2003, when it folded for financial reasons. A sub-label (or continuing label), Karmageddon Media, was then formed, and that lasted until around 2010, when Hammerheart was back in business.

Hammerheart albums featured on these pages:

Band Album
Aeternus Beyond The Wandering Moon
  ... And So The Night Became
  Shadows Of Old
  Burning The Shroud
  Ascension Of Terror
Alas Absolute Purity
Ancient Det Glemte Riket
Ancient Rites Dim Carcosa
  And The Hordes Stood As One
Aura Noir Deep Tracts Of Hell
  Increased Damnation
Bishop Of Hexen Archives Of An Enchanted Philosophy
Blood Red Throne Monument Of Death
  (MCD) A Taste Of Blood
  Affiliated With The Suffering
Callenish Circle Drift Of Empathy
Carpe Tenebrum Mirrored Hate Painting
  Dreaded Chaotic Reign
Christ Agony Darkside
Cirith Gorgor (EP) Bi Den Dode Hant
Cruachan The Middle Kingdom
  (EP) Ride On
Dead Head Come To Salem
  Swine Plague
December Wolves Til Ten Years
Dimension F3H Reaping THe World Winds
Divercia Modus Operandi
The Gathering Downfall - The Early Years (demos)
Hades Almighty Millenium Nocturne
Havayoth His Creation Reversed
Hearse Dominion Reptilian
Impious The Killer
Iron Fire Thunderstorm
In The Woods ... A Return To The Isle Of Men
Kampfar (MCD) Norse
  Fra Underverdenen
The Kovenant In Times Before The Light
Lost In Misery Carousel Of Memories
Macabre Dahmer
Manes Under Ein Blodraud Maane
Mercenary Everblack
The Monolith Deathcult Obliteration Of The Despised
Monstrosity Enslaving The Masses (2CD)
Morifade Imaginarium
Necrophobic Bloodhymns
  (EP) Tour EP 2003
Nocturnal Breed (EP) Triumph Of The Blasphemer
  No Retreat ... No Surrender
Officium Triste Mors Viri
Old Funeral The Older Ones
Primordial The Burning Season
  Spirit The Earth Aflame
  Storm Before Calm
The Ravenous Assembled In Blasphemy
Septicflesh Sumerian Daemons
Sinister Creative Killings
Skyfire Timeless Departure
  (MCD) Haunted By Shadows
  Mind Revolution
Soulreaper Life Erazer
Satyrian (EP) Matters Of The Heart
Thanatos Angelic Encounters
Thyrfing Thyrfing
  Valdr Galga
  Hednaland (demos)
Tulus Evil 1999
  Cold Core Collection (2-CD compilation)

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