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Ebony was one of the classic minor-league labels of the NWOBHM time, focusing on up-and-coming mid-eighties bands mostly from England, though a few Euro bands crept in as well. Similar to labels such as Metal Blade, Ebony started out releasing compilations of unsigned acts, a few of which went on to record albums with the label (one notable band that did appear on a comp but later went on to bigger things on another label was Mercyful Fate). Many of the releases were produced in-house by label founder Darryl Johnston, giving several of the albums a similar low-budget style that nevertheless was part of the charm of the NWOBHM period. A lot of the bands released one or two albums and never amounted to a lot, but there were a few gems in there, including Savage's classic Loose 'n' Lethal, while the biggest band to emerge from this label would almost certainly be Grim Reaper, who was snapped up by the major label RCA on their way to a successful worldwide career.

Catalog of Ebony Records:

Catalog # Band Album
EBON 1 V/A Metal Fatigue
EBON 2 V/A Synthetic Romance
EBON 3 ???
EBON 4 7"
EBON 5 7"
EBON 6 V/A Metallic Storm
EBON 7 7"
EBON 8 V/A Metal Mainiaxe
EBON 9 7"
EBON 10 7"
EBON 11 V/A Metal Warriors
EBON 12 Savage Loose 'n' Lethal
EBON 13 Chateaux Chained And Desperate
EBON 14 V/A Metal Plated
EBON 15 Shy Once Bitten - Twice Shy
EBON 16 Grim Reaper See You In Hell
EBON 17 Hammer Early Warning
EBON 18 Chateaux Firepower
EBON 19 Demon Eyes Rites Of Chaos
EBON 20 Sterling Cooke Force Full Force
EBON 21 Blade Runner Hunted
EBON 22 Nightmare Waiting For The Twilight
EBON 23 Syron Vanes Bringer Of Evil
EBON 24 Samurai Sacred Blade
EBON 25 7"
EBON 26 7"
EBON 27 7"
EBON 28 Touched Back Alley Vices
EBON 29 Hammer Contract With Hell
EBON 30 Nightmare Power Of The Universe
EBON 31 Chateaux Highly Strung
EBON 32 Grim Reaper Fear No Evil
EBON 33 Touched Deathrow
EBON 34 Rankelson Hungry For Blood
EBON 35 Blade Runner Warriors Of Rock
EBON 36 Syron Vanes Revenge
EBON 37 Samurai Weapon Master
EBON 38 Tyga Myra Deliverance
EBON 39 Cobra Back From The Dead
EBON 40 Preyer Terminator
EBON 41 Blood Money Red Raw And Bleeding
EBON 42 Dealer First Strike
EBON 43 ???
EBON 44 Fast Kuts Burnin'
EBON 45 Rankelson The Bastards Of Rock 'n' Roll
EBON 46 Blood Money Battlescarred

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