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Combat was one of the preeminent US thrash labels of the eighties, with classic bands such as Possessed, Exodus, Abattoir, Hades, and many more leading the way. Their run lasted from around 1983 to 1989, though Century Media re-released several of the older classics many years later. Curiously, the Combat name has been resurrected as a reborn label, even though the new version makes little reference to its past and the bands so far (Horse The Band, to name one), similarly have nothing to do with the past.

Catalog of Combat Records:

Catalog # Band Album
MX 8003 The Rods In The Raw
MX 8006 Oz Fire In The Brain
MX 8007 Helstar Burning Star
MX 8008 Tokyo Blade Midnight Rendezvous
MX 8011 Mercyful Fate Don't Break The Oath
MX 8012 Tokyo Blade Night Of The Blade
MX 8013 Oz III Warning
MX 8014 Abattoir Vicious Attack
MX 8015 Megadeth Killing Is My Business
MX 8017 Thrasher Burning At The Speed Of Light
MX 8019 Exodus Bonded By Blood
MX 8024 Possessed Seven Churches
MX 8025 Zoetrope Amnesty
MX 8027 Hallows Eve Tales Of Terror
MX 8029 Agent Steel Skeptics Apocalypse
MX 8030 Venom Black Metal
MX 8052 Helstar Remnants Of War
MX 8053 Impaler If We Had Brains ... We'd Be Dangerous
MX 8093 Helloween Walls Of Jericho
MX 8096 Agent Steel Unstoppable Force
MX 8097 Possessed Beyond The Gates
88561-8112 Abattoir The Only Safe Place
88561-8114 Dark Angel Darkness Descends
88561-8117 Have Mercy (EP) Armageddon Descends
88651-8118 Nuclear Assault (EP) Brain Death
88561-8125 Kreator (EP) Flag Of Hate
88561-8133 Ludichrist Immaculate Deception
88561-8138 Hades Resisting Success
88561-8146 Death Scream Bloody Gore
88561-8147 Voivod Killing Technology
88561-8155 Nuclear Assault Game Over
88561-8159 Zoetrope A Life Of Crime
88561-8161 D.B.C. Dead Brain Cells
88561-8162 Heathen Breaking The Silence
88561-8168 Possessed (EP) Eyes Of Horror
88561-8169 Exodus Pleasures Of The Flesh
88561-8181 The Accused More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral
88561-8197 The Accused The Return Of ... Martha Splatterhead
88561-8208 Crumbsuckers Beast On My Back
88561-8228 Virus Force Recon
88561-8246 Ludichrist Powertrip
88561-8248 Death Leprosy
88561-8257 Forbidden Forbidden Evil
88561-2014 Forbidden Twisted Into Form
88561-2018 Dark Angel Time Does Not Heal
COMBAT 8262 Raven Nothing Exceeds Like Excess
COMBAT 8264 Dark Angel Leave Scars

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