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Catalog of Black Lodge Records:

Catalog # Band Album
BLOD 001 Mercyless Sure To Be Pure
BLOD 002 Elvira Madigan Witches - Salem (1692 vs 2001)
BLOD 003 Elvira Madigan Black Arts
BLOD 006 Construcdead Violadead
BLOD 007 The Storyteller Tales Of A Holy Quest
BLOD 008 Hellfueled Volume One
BLOD 009 Eternal Oath Righteous
BLOD 010 Eternal Oath Re-Released Hatred
BLOD 011 Maze Of Torment Unmarked Graves
BLOD 012 Elvira Madigan Angelis Deamonae - Wiccan Aftermath
BLOD 014 The Storyteller (EP) Seed Of Lies
BLOD 015 8thSin Sinners Inc.
BLOD 016 Maze Of Torment Hammers Of Mayhem
BLOD 017 Katatonia Dance Of December Souls
BLOD 018 Dissection The Somberlain
BLOD 019 Sabaton Primo Victoria
BLOD 021 Construcdead (EP) Wounded
BLOD 022 Eternal Oath Wither
BLOD 024 Marduk Dark Endless
BLOD 026 Construcdead The Grand Machinery
BLOD 027 Abruptum Evil Genius
BLOD 028 Hellfueled Born II Rock
BLOD 029 Bullet Heading For The Top
BLOD 030 The Storyteller Underworld
BLOD 031 Raise Hell City Of The Damned
BLOD 033 8thSin Angelseed & Demonmilk
BLOD 034 Mörk Gryning
BLOD 036 Candlemass Candlemass
BLOD 037 Sabaton Attero Dominatus
BLOD 040LP Candlemass From The 13th Sun
BLOD 041LP Amorphis Eclipse
BLOD 056 Sabaton Metalizer
BLOD 059 Hellfueled Memories In Black
BLOD 069 Face Down The Will To Power

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