Aaarrg Records

Aaarrg Records was a small German label run by Ralf Hubert, the mastermind behind Mekong Delta. Several of the bands on the label had ties to Mekong Delta in one way or another. The label lasted from around 1986 until the early nineties.

Catalog of Aaarrg Records:

Catalog # Band Album
1 Holy Moses Queen Of Siam
2 Living Death (EP) Back To The Weapons
3 V/A X-Mas Project
4 Mekong Delta Mekong Delta
5 Living Death Protected From Reality
6 Holy Moses Finished With The Dogs
7 Target Mission Executed
8 Mekong Delta (EP) The Gnome
11 Mekong Delta The Music Of Erich Zann
12 Living Death (EP) Live
14 Last Descendants One Nation Under God
15 Living Death World Neuroses
16 Target Master Project Genesis
17 Mekong Delta (EP) Toccata
18 Siren Financial Suicide
19 Mekong Delta The Principle Of Doubt
20 Sacred Chao (EP) Sacred Chao
21 Lunatics w/o Skateboards Welcome ...
22 Calhoun Conquer Lost In Oneself
23 Mekong Delta Dances Of Death
24 Ravenous Book Of Covetous Souls
25 Pyracanda Thorns
26 Mekong Delta Live At An Exhibition
27 Mekong Delta Visions Fugitive

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