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Independent record labels have been the backbone of metal for years. Sure, the biggest names often go to the major labels, but the real stuff can be found on the indie labels. This page lists some of the labels that are mostly exclusive to various metal genres. Note that this is not intended to be a comprehensive list of every private label who has ever released an album, but more of a guide to some of the more interesting labels over the years.

Aaarrg Holy People Like You
Adipocere I Hate Profound Lore
AFM Indie Prophecy
Alternative Tentacles Inside Out Prosthetic
Auburn Karmageddon Media PsycheDOOMelic
Avantgarde King Klassic Pure Metal
Axe Killer Leaf Hound Pure Steel
Black Dragon Lifeforce Rage Of Achilles
Black Lodge Limb Music Redblack
Black Lotus Listenable Regain
Black Mark Locomotive Relapse
Brainticket Magic Circle Retroactive
Cacophonous Man's Ruin R.E.X.
Candlelight Mascot Rise Above
Century Media Massacre Roadrunner
Code666 Mausoleum Scarlet
Combat Megaforce Screaming Ferret
Crash Music Mercenary Season Of Mist
Cruz Del Sur Metal Blade Sensory
Dark Symphonies Metal Mind Sentinel Steel
Deathlike Silence Metal On Metal Shadow Kingdom
Devil's Metalville Shark
Displeased MeteorCity Shrapnel
Dockyard 1 Misanthropy Small Stone
Dragonheart Miskatonic Solid State
Drakkar Moonfog Southern Lord
Earache Music For Nations Spinefarm
Earthshaker Napalm Steamhammer/SPV
Ebony Neat StormSpell
Elitist Necropolis Svart
eOne Nightmare Tabu
Escapi Noise The End
Exile On Mainstream No Fashion Threeman
Firebox No Remorse Under One Flag
Frontiers New Renaissance Underground Symphony
Galy Nightmare Unique Leader
Hammerheart Nocturnal Art US Metal
Head Not Found Nuclear Blast Voices Of Wonder
Hell's Headbangers Old School Metal Wicked World
Heavy Artillery Olympic Wild Rags
Heavy Metal Osmose Willowtip
Hellhound Pavement Witches Brew
High Roller Peaceville Wrong Again

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