Death Metal

One of the more extreme forms of metal, death metal is somewhat of an offshoot of thrash, with less melodic riffs and a low, growly, often almost unintelligible vocal style that at its best (or worst, depending on one's point of view) has been described as "cookie monster vocals". The early nineties saw the initial rise of death metal in places such as Florida (Death, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Obituary, and others) and Sweden (At The Gates, Entombed, and others), and remains a dominant form of extreme metal to this day.

Ab:Norm Devian Morbid Angel
Aborted Devolved Mordab
Absence Of The Sacred Diabolic Morgoth
Abscess Diabolical Morpheus Descends
Acheron Dies Irae Morta Skuld
Acid Death Dim Mak Mortem
Adorior Diocletian Mortician
Aeon Disbelief Mortification
Afflicted Disincarnate Murder Squad
Agretator Dismember Myrkskog
Agressor Dissonance Napalm Death
Akercocke Divine Empire Necrodeath
Alkaloid Divine Heresy Necrophagia
Amon Dog Faced Gods Necrophagist
Amsvartner Dreams Of Damnation Necrophobic
Anata Dying Fetus Necrowretch
Angel Corpse Elenium Negativa
Animosity Entombed Neglected Fields
Annunaki Epoch Of Unlight Neuraxis
Anton Esqarial Nightshade
Armoured Angel Eternal Suffering Nile
Artificial Brain Exhumed Nocturnus
As Serenity Fades Extol Nonexist
Asesino The Fallen Obituary
Asphyx Farmakon Obscura
Assuck Fleshcrawl Old Funeral
Atheist Fleshgod Apocalypse Omnium Gatherum
Atrocity Fleshgrind Opeth
Atrophia Red Sun The Forsaken Oppressor
Augury Gandalf Opprobrium
Autopsy Ghoulunatics Order Of Ennead
Avulsed Gnostic Origin
Axamenta Goatlord Orphaned Land
Axis Of Advance God Among Insects Panzerchrist
Aydra God Dethroned Pan-Thy-Monium
Behemoth Gojira Pentacle
Believer Golgotha Pentagram Chile
Benediction Gorefest Pestilence
The Berzerker Gorgasm Plague
Beyond Creation Gorgasm Possessed
Blood Red Throne Gorguts Primal Dawn
Bloodbath Gorod The Project Hate
Bludgeon Gory Blister Psycroptic
Bone Gnawer Grand Supreme Blood Court Pungent Stench
Bolt Thrower Grave Pyrexia
Brain Drill Gutted Quo Vadis
Broken Hope Gwynbleidd The Ravenous
Brute Chant Hail Of Bullets Red Tide
Brujeria Hate Eternal Repulsion
Brutality Hate Plow Resurrection
Burning Inside Hatesphere Revocation
Cadaver Hearse Ripping Corpse
Cadaver Inc. Hellwitch Sabbat
Cancer Hieronymus Bosch Sacramentum
Cannabis Corpse Horfixion Sadist
Cannibal Corpse Hour Of Penance Sadistik Exekution
Capharnaum Hypocrisy Sadus
Carcariass Illdisposed Salem
Carcass Illogicist Sarcofago
Carnal Forge Immolation Satanic Slaughter
Carnage Immortal Bird Scarab
Carpe Tenebrum Impaled Scar Culture
Catastrophic Impetigo Sceptic
Cenotaph Impious Sclera
Centinex I.N.R.I. Seance
Chaosbreed In Battle Sepultura
The Chasm Incantation Shadows Fall
Chton Incubus Sinister
Cianide InExordium Six Feet Under
Coffinworm Infinited Hate Skinless
Coldworker Inner Thought Sleep Terror
Comecon Insatanity Solstice
Construcdead Insidious Disease Sorrow
Coprofago Insision Soulless
Coram Lethe Internal Bleeding Soulreaper
Council Of The Fallen Izegrim Soulscar
Crack Up Job For A Cowboy Spawn Of Possession
Criminal Jungle Rot Stargazer
Crimson Thorn Kalisia Suffocation
Crionics Kataklysm Suidakra
The Crown Konkhra Symbyosis
Crypt Of Kerberos Korum Tardy Brothers
Cryptic Warning Krabathor Tears Of Euphony
Cryptopsy Krisiun Tenebrae
Crystal Age Kronos Terrorizer
Cynic Lamb Of God Textures
Dam Landmine Marathon Thanatos
Darkane Lilitu Theory In Practice
De Lirium's Order Living Sacrifice Thou Art Lord
Death Lock Up Torchbearer
Death Breath Loudblast Torture Killer
Deathchain Lowbrow Torture Squad
Deathless Lupara Total Devastation
Deathwitch Lykathea Aflame Translunaria
Decapitated Malevolence Transmetal
Deceased Malevolent Creation Trepalium
Decrepit Birth Malignant Inception Trident
Deeds Of Flesh Man Must Die Triton Enigma
Defeated Sanity Martyr Ulcerate
Defiled Massacra Under Moonlight Sadness
Defleshed Massacre Unleashed
Deicide Master Vader
Demented Ted Mastifal Vallenfyre
Demigod Meathook Seed Vehemence
Demilich Meatlocker Seven Vile
Demoniac Mechanism Vital Remains
Demonoid Merciless Vomitory
Depresy Mercyless Witherscape
Despised Icon Misery Index The Wretched End
Desultor Mithras Yattering
Desultory Monstrosity  

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