Doom Metal

Doom metal can be described with a single word -- slow. Ponderous, ultra-heavy riffing and (usually) melodic vocals dominate this form of metal. Black Sabbath are, of course, the fathers of metal in general, but their early work concentrated on slow riffing and thus is the primary influence on doom metal bands. Candlemass deserves mention for rejuvenating the genre in the eighties, and their first four albums are regarded as classics in the field. Recent subgenres include funeral doom and drone, both of which slow down the pace even more.

5ive Gates Of Slumber Ras Algethi
Abdullah Goatlord Raven Black Night
Acid Witch Goatsnake Reino Ermitaņo
Acrimony Gods Tower Revelation
Adagio Godsend Reverend Bizarre
Against Nature Grand Magus Root
Altar Of Oblivion The Graviators Runemagick
Argus Grey Skies Fallen Sacrilege
Ashes You Leave Grief Sahg
Atlantean Kodex Griftegård St. Vitus
Bedemon Grimfist Sanctus Infernum
Black Hole Heathendom Sargon
Black Manta The Hidden Hand Serpent
Black Sabbath Hour Of 13 Seventh Void
Black Sun Aeon In-Graved Shape Of Despair
Blackfinger Interitus Dei Sheavy
Blood Ceremony Internal Void Shepherd
Blood Farmers Iron Hearse Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy
Bloody Hammers Iron Man Sinister Realm
Bloody Panda Isole Skepticism
Brimstone Coven Jex Thoth The Skull
Buried At Sea Kadavar Sleep
Burning Saviours Khanate Sloth
Burning Witch Krux Slow Horse
Candlemass Kypck Solitude Aeturnus
Cathedral Las Cruces Solstice
Celestial Season Last Chapter Sorcerer
Centurions Ghost Leather Nun Sourvein
Church Of Misery Left Hand Solution Spirit Caravan
Cold Mourning Life Beyond Stereochrist
Colosseum Lords Of The Stone Teeth Of The Hydra
Concept Of God Lost Breed Thergothon
Condenados Lycanthia Trinakrius
Confessor Mar De Grises Troglodyte Dawn
Count Raven Memento Mori Trouble
Crowned In Earth Memory Garden Type O Negative
Cultus Sanguine Mercy Ufomammut
Dawn Of Winter Middian Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
Daylight Dies The Mighty Nimbus Under The Sun
Deadbird Minsk Unorthodox
Death Penalty Mirror Of Deception Valhall
Debris Inc. Mood Virgin Black
Dolorian Mourn Void Of Silence
Domovoyd Naevus Voodooshock
Doomshine Negative Reaction Wall Of Sleep
DoomSword Nemesis Warhorse
Draconian Northwinds Warning
Dragonauta The Obsessed While Heaven Wept
Dream Death Ogre Windhand
Earthride Orchid Winter
Electric Wizard Orodruin Winters
Elegeion Oversoul Witch Mountain
Empires Pagan Altar Witchcraft
The Equinox Ov The Gods Pale Divine Witchfinder General
Esoteric Pallbearer World Below
Estatic Fear Penance Worship
Eternal Elysium Pentagram Wretched
Evoken Place Of Skulls Wytchcraft
Exhumation Planet Gemini Yob
Forsaken Question Of Madness  
Funeral Ramesses  

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