Black Metal

Black metal finds its roots in bands such as Venom and Bathory, and is often characterized by an inherently evil tone and a raspy vocal style (Quorthon of Bathory may or may not be the originator of this vocal style, but once you've heard him, you'll realize how influential he was to the scene). The earlier bands focused on minimal instrumentation, as represented by Darkthrone, early Mayhem, and older Immortal, while another group of bands explored a more symphonic, keyboard-driven style (Emperor, Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir) and still others have migrated towards an eclectic, avant-garde direction (Arcturus, new Mayhem). Norway continues to be the primary exporter of black metal bands, though certainly other countries around the world have produced fine black metal bands.

1349 Diabolical Masquerade Nachtmystium
A Forest Of Stars Dimmu Borgir Naglfar
Abigor Direwolf Necromantia
Aborym Dismal Euphony Necrophobic
Abruptum Disiplin Negura Bunget
Absu Dødheimsgard Nokturnal Mortum
The Abyss Dornenreich Oathean
Aeternus Dragonlord Obtained Enslavement
Agathodaimon Drudkh Obtest
Ajattara Elvira Madigan Opera IX
Akercocke Emperor Ophthalamia
Akhenaton Enochian Crescent Ov Hell
Alcest Enslaved Peste Noire
The Amenta Enthral Phazm
Anaal Nathrakh Enthroned Primordial
Ancient Ephel Duath Radigost
Ancient Rites Ethereal Pandemonium Ragnarok
... And Oceans Ex Deo Renascent
Angst Skvadron Fleurety Rivendell
Anorexia Nervosa Fog Sacramentum
Apostasy Frost Like Ashes Sanctus
Arallu Gehenna Satan's Host
Arcturus Goatwhore Satyricon
Arthemesia Golden Dawn Sear Bliss
Astarte Gorgoroth Secrets Of The Moon
Asterius Graveworm Setherial
Astral Luminous Hades Almighty Shade Empire
Aurora Borealis Hate Profile Siebenburgen
Axamenta Hecate Enthroned Sirius
The Axis Of Perdition Heidenreich Solefald
Azahel's Forest Hellsaw Somnus
Bal-Sagoth Helrunar Sort Vokter
Barathrum Heresi Source Of Tide
Bathory Himinbjorg Stormlord
Behemoth Hollenthon Subliritum
Beherit Horde Suidakra
Belphegor Horna Summoning
Besatt Hortus Animae Susperia
Bestial Warlust ICS Vortex Taake
Bethlehem Immortal Thee Maldoror Kollective
Bishop Of Hexen Immortal Bird Thorns
The Black Impaled Nazarene Thou Art Lord
Black Anvil Jotunspor Thundra
Black Crucifixion Judas Iscariot Thy Primordial
Blut Aus Nord Kampfar Thy Serpent
Borknagar Keep Of Kalessin Tidfall
Brown Jenkins Khold Torchbearer
Burzum Klabautamann Transcending Bizarre?
Cadaver Inc. The Konsortium Trident
Carpathian Forest The Kovenant Troll
Carpe Tenebrum Krallice Tulus
Catamenia The Legion Typhus
Chapel Lengsel Tyrant
Christ Agony Limbonic Art Ulver
Chryst Lord Belial Urgehal
Chthonic Ludicra V:28
Cirith Gorgor Lugubrum Ved Buens Ende
Cobalt Luna Ad Noctum Vehementer Nos
Code Lunaris Venom
Control Human Delete Lux Ferre Vesania
Cormorant Lux Occulta Vesperian Sorrow
Covenant Malignant Eternal Viking Crown
Cradle Of Filth Manes Virtigo
Crest Of Darkness Manii Vondur
Crimson Midwinter Marduk Vreid
Cultes Des Ghoules Master's Hammer Vulture Industries
Cynicon Mayhem Watain
Daemonarch Melechesh Weakling
Dagorlad Meridian Windir
Dark Fortress Mezzerschmitt Winterfylleth
Dark Funeral Midnight Withered
Dark Philosophy Mindgrinder Wolves In The Throne Room
Darkthrone Mirrorthrone Woods Of Ypres
Dawn Mithotyn Wykked Wytch
December Moon Moon Wyrd
December Wolves Mörk Gryning Zyklon
Demonaz Mutant Zyklon-B
Destroyer 666 Myrkskog  

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