Origin: Germany
Genres: 80's Metal
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Zed Yago  

Fronted by an impressive female vocalist by the name of Jutta Weinhold, Zed Yago rose to prominence in the late 80's, with their single Black Bone Song generating some major airplay. Weinhold's vocals are strong and powerful, reminding some of Doro from Warlock, while the music was prime anthemic Euro metal, much like Accept at the time. They released two albums in 1988, but by the following year internal problems had taken their toll, and the band dissolved. The record label wanted more, however, and so Jutta and drummer Bubi recruited a new lineup, and a new band, Velvet Viper, was born, releasing two albums in 1991 and 1992.

Fast forward to 1997, with original guitarist Jimmy Durand and new vocalist (and now wife) Yvonne starting up Zed Yago once again, the new lineup also featuring the returning drummer Bubi. A new album, The Invisible Guide, was released in late 2005.

Current Members

Yvonne Durand


Jimmy Durand


Marzo Nixxx


Hansi Kecker


Claus "Bubi" Reinholdt

drums (Velvet Viper)

Former Members/Guests

Jutta Weinhold

vocals (Velvet Viper)






From Over Yonder 
1988 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. The Spell From Over Yonder
  2. The Flying Dutchman
  3. Zed Yago
  4. Queen And Priest
  5. Revenge
  6. United Pirate Kingdom
  7. Stay The Course
  8. Rebel Ladies
  9. Rockin' For The Nation
  • Jutta Weinhold
  • Jimmy Durand
  • Gunnar
  • Tach
  • Claus "Bubi" Reinholdt

1988 RCA
  1. Pilgrim Choir
  2. Pilgrimage
  3. The Fear Of Death
  4. Pioneer Of The Storm
  5. Black Bone Song
  6. Rose Of Martyrdom
  7. The Man Who Stole The Holy Fire
  8. Achilles Heel
  9. The Pale Man
  10. Omega Child
  11. Fallen Angel
  • Jutta Weinhold
  • Jimmy Durand
  • Gunnar
  • Tach
  • Claus "Bubi" Reinholdt

From The Twilight Zone (compilation) 
2003 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Zed Yago (Live)
  2. Merlin
  3. Black Bone Song
  4. Hammerhouse
  5. United Pirate Kingdom
  6. Fear Of Death
  7. Icebreaker
  8. The Pale Man
  9. Waiting For The Wind
  10. Pioneer Of The Storm
  11. Stay The Course - Part II (Live)
  12. Pilgrims Choir
  13. Pilgrimage
  14. Queen And Priest
  15. Rebel Ladies
  16. Cover Man
  17. Rose Of Martyrdom
  18. Ring Of Stone
  19. Rocking For The Nation (Live)
  20. HM Rebels
  21. The Spell From Over Yonder
  22. Rebel Ladies - Part II (Live)
  23. Black Bone Song (Video)

The Invisible Guide 
  1. Warrior Of Fantasy
  2. If I Close My Eyes Forever
  3. The Invisible Guide
  4. Custer
  5. The Fear In Your Eyes
  6. Heaven Or Hell
  7. You Can't Bring Me Down
  8. Seven Seas
  9. To The Top Of The Mountain
  10. Sir Francis
  11. Fire
  12. Daydreams
  13. Don't Stop Me Now
  • Yvonne Durand
  • Jimmy Durand
  • Hansi Kecker
  • Claus "Bubi" Reinholdt

The 20th Anniversary Of Zed Yago  LIVE
2006 Twilight Zone
  1. End Of The World
  2. Merlin
  3. Valley Of The King
  4. Stay The Course
  5. Warrior Of Fantasy
  6. Black Bone Song
  7. Fear Of Death
  8. Custer
  9. Sir Francis
  10. If I Close My Eyes Forever


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