Origin: Eugene, OR, USA
Genres: Doom Metal
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Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Yob has been slogging it out for a few years, managing two releases before signing, somewhat surprisingly, to Metal Blade Records, who released their third album, The Illusion Of Motion, in late 2004, followed rather suddenly by The Unreal Never Lived in 2005. The album reviewed here, Catharsis, is three long tracks (totalling 50 minutes) of drawn-out, semi-ambient stoner doom, most reminiscient of later-period Sleep, with rather unique vocals from guitarist/leader Mike Scheidt (likened to some as sounding like early Geddy Lee, of all people). The band rarely approaches anything up-tempo ("Ether" is the "fastest" of the three tracks here), and occasionally things drag just a bit, but actually Yob is pretty adept at crafting mesmerizing songs that drift by, heavy but not oppressive, and while their basic premise seems simple, they mix it up just enough to hold the listener's interest. Following the departure of the rhythm section in the summer of 2005, founder Scheidt decided to put the band to rest in early 2006, forming a similar band called Middian. However, legal problems with that band's name forced Scheidt to abandon that project, and so he reformed Yob, enlisting his longtime drummer Travis Foster and a new bass player in Aaron Reiseberg.

Current Members

Mike Scheidt

guitars/vocals (ex-Middian, )

Aaron Reiseberg


Travis Foster


Former Members/Guests

Lowell Iles


Isamu Sato


Gabe Morley



Elaborations Of Carbon 
2001 12th
  1. Universe Throb
  2. All The Children Forgotten
  3. Clear Seeing
  4. Revolution
  5. Pain Of J
  6. Asleepin Samsara
  • Mike Scheidt
  • Lowell Iles
  • Gabe Morley

2003 Abstractsounds
  1. Aeons
  2. Ether
  3. Catharsis
  • Mike Scheidt
  • Isamu Sato
  • Travis Foster

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The Illusion Of Motion 
2004 Metal Blade
  1. Ball Of Molten Lead
  2. Exorcism Of The Host
  3. Doom #2
  4. The Illusion Of Motion
  • Mike Scheidt
  • Isamu Sato
  • Travis Foster

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The Unreal Never Lived 
2005 Metal Blade
  1. Quantum Mystic
  2. Grasping Air
  3. Kosmos
  4. The Mental Tyrant
  • Mike Scheidt
  • Isamu Sato
  • Travis Foster

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The Great Cessation 
2009 Profound Lore
  1. Burning The Altar
  2. The Lie That Is Sin
  3. Silence Of Heaven
  4. Breathing From The Shallows
  5. The Great Cessation
  • Mike Scheidt
  • Aaron Reiseberg
  • Travis Foster

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2011 Profound Lore
  1. Prepare The Ground
  2. Atma Mastered
  3. Before We Dreamed Of Two Mastered
  4. Upon The Sight Of The Other Shore Mastered
  5. Adrift In The Ocean
  • Mike Scheidt
  • Aaron Reiseberg
  • Travis Foster

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Live At Roadburn 2010  LIVE
2011 Roadburn
  1. Quantum Mystic
  2. Burning The Altar
  3. Kosmos
  4. The Great Cessation
  • Mike Scheidt
  • Aaron Reiseberg
  • Travis Foster

Clearing The Path To Ascend 
2014 Neurot
  1. In Our Blood
  2. Nothing to Win
  3. Unmask the Spectre
  4. Marrow
  • Mike Scheidt
  • Aaron Reiseberg
  • Travis Foster

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