Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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Within Y  

Within Y is another band from the mecca of melodic death metal that is Gothenburg, Sweden. And sure enough, melodic death metal is what's on offer on the band's debut, Extended Mental Dimension, but they aren't necessarily cloning any of the multitudes of other bands in this genre. The tempo and tone is a bit harsher, the riffs slightly more thrashy, and vocalist Andreas Solveström's throaty monotonic style steers the band toward metalcore territory (granted, metalcore and melodic death seem almost interchangeable these days, with many bands borrowing from both genres). These guys may need another album or two to establish their own identity, but EMD is a solid debut and recommended for the style.

Current Members

Andreas Solveström


Mikael Nordin


Niknam Moslehi


Jonas Larsson


Erik Hagström


Former Members/Guests

Niklas Almén


Thim Blom

drums (ex-Gardenian)


Extended Mental Dimensions 
2004 Karmageddon Media
  1. Lost In Solitude
  2. God In Silence
  3. Remains Of A Shattered Illusion
  4. Things
  5. Injection
  6. Face Down
  7. Behold
  8. Silently Leaving
  9. Feeble And Weak
  10. Sacred Lies
  • Andreas Solveström
  • Mikael Nordin
  • Niklas Almén
  • Thim Blom

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Portraying Dead Dreams 
2006 Gain
  1. Portraying Dead Dreams
  2. Breeding Murder
  3. Never Forgotten
  4. Beautiful Violence
  5. Unjust
  6. Reckoning Day
  7. As The Dust
  8. Fade Away
  9. Remembered
  10. New Life
  11. Feeding The Disease
  • Andreas Solveström
  • Mikael Nordin
  • Niknam Moslehi
  • Jonas Larsson
  • Thim Blom

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The Cult 
2008 Gain
  1. Deathtrip
  2. 21
  3. The Cult
  4. Bittersweet Suicide
  5. The Predictable End
  6. My Fall
  7. King Of Flies
  8. Self Refinement
  9. Strive
  10. Facing Reality
  • Andreas Solveström
  • Mikael Nordin
  • Niknam Moslehi
  • Jonas Larsson
  • Erik Hagström

Silence Conquers 
2011 Gain
  1. Afterlife
  2. Silence Conquers
  3. She
  4. Follow the Flood
  5. Lost
  6. Asylum
  7. The Storm
  8. Smothered
  9. Broken Down
  10. Death Haunts
  11. ...At The End of the Rope
  • Andreas Solveström
  • Mikael Nordin
  • Niknam Moslehi
  • Jonas Larsson
  • Erik Hagström


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