Origin: NJ, USA
Genres: Thrash Metal


With a name like Whiplash, classic thrash metal is probably what one might expect, and that's exactly what this New Jersey band delivered, particularly on their earlier, well-received works such as Power And Pain and Ticket To Mayhem in the mid-eighties. By the time of 1997's Sit Stand Kneel Prey, the band had broadened its sound just a bit, largely due to a change in vocal style. Whiplash seemingly has folded and reformed several times over the years, but after a long silence following the original three-Tony lineup on Thrashback in 1998, yet another new lineup is active.

Current Members

Tony Portaro


Dank DeLong


Tony Scaglione


Former Members/Guests

Glenn Hansen


Rob Gonzo


Warren Conditi


Tony Bono

bass RIP: May 2002, heart attack, age 38

James Preziosa


Rich Day


Joe Cangelosi

drums (ex-Kreator)

Bob Candella



Power And Pain 
1985 Roadrunner
  1. Stagedive
  2. Red Bomb
  3. Last Man Alive
  4. Message In Blood
  5. Warmonger
  6. Power Thrashing Death
  7. Stirring The Cauldron
  8. Spit On Your Grave
  9. Nailed To The Cross
  • Tony Portaro
  • Tony Bono
  • Tony Scaglione

Ticket To Mayhem 
1987 Roadrunner
  1. Perpetual Warfare
  2. Walk The Plank
  3. Last Nail In The Coffin
  4. Drowning In Torment
  5. The Burning Of Atlanta
  6. Eternal Eyes (Last Nail In The Coffin, Part II)
  7. Snake Pit
  8. Spiral Of Violence
  9. Respect The Dead
  10. Perpetual Warfare
  • Tony Portaro
  • Tony Bono
  • Joe Cangelosi

Insult To Injury 
1990 Roadrunner
  1. Voice of sanity
  2. Hiroshima
  3. Insult to injury
  4. Dementia thirteen
  5. Essence of evil
  6. Witness to the terror
  7. Battle scars
  8. Rape of the mind
  9. Ticket to mayhem
  10. 4E.S.
  11. Pistolwhipped
  • Glenn Hansen
  • Tony Portaro
  • Tony Bono
  • Joe Cangelosi

Cult Of One 
1996 Massacre
  1. Such Is The Will
  2. No One's Idol
  3. No Fear To Tread
  4. 000 Times
  5. Wheel Of Misfortune
  6. Heavenaut
  7. Lost World
  8. Cult Of One
  9. Enemy
  10. Apostle Of Truth
  • Rob Gonzo
  • Tony Portaro
  • Warren Conditi
  • James Preziosa
  • Tony Scaglione

Sit Stand Kneel Prey 
1997 Massacre
  1. Climb Out Of Hell
  2. Left Unsaid
  3. Hitlist
  4. Cyanide Grenade
  5. Jane Doe
  6. Knock Me Down
  7. Lack Of Contrition
  8. Word To The Wise
  9. Strangeface
  10. Catharsis
  11. Sit, Stand, Kneel, Prey
  • Tony Portaro
  • Warren Conditi
  • James Preziosa
  • Bob Candella

1998 Massacre
  1. Temple of punishment
  2. Stab
  3. This
  4. Killing on monroe street
  5. King with the axe
  6. Strike me blind
  7. Memory serves
  8. Ressurection chair
  9. House with no doors
  10. Thrash 'til death
  11. Nails in me deep
  • Tony Portaro
  • Tony Bono
  • Tony Scaglione

Messages In Blood (demos/live) 
1999 Displeased
  1. King With The Axe
  2. Spit On Your Grave
  3. Thrash Til Death
  4. Chained Up, Strapped Down
  5. The Burning Of Atlanta
  6. Stirrin' The Cauldron
  7. Respect The Dead
  8. Last Man Alive
  9. Spit On Your Grave
  10. Killing On Monroe Street
  11. Eternal Eyes
  12. Respect The Dead
  13. Stirrin' The Cauldron
  14. The Burning Of Atlanta
  15. Nailed To The Cross
  16. War Monger
  17. Message In Blood
  18. Nailed To THe Cross
  19. Stagedive

Unborn Again 
2009 Pulverized
  1. Swallow The Slaughter
  2. Snuff
  3. Firewater
  4. Float Face Down
  5. Fight Or Flight
  6. Pitbulls In The Playground
  7. Parade Of Two Legs
  8. Hook In Mouth
  9. I've Got The Fire
  10. Feeding Frenzy
  • Tony Portaro
  • Rich Day
  • Joe Cangelosi

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