Origin: Slovakia
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Again a central European country (in this case Slovakia) comes up with a band doing something different. On Ghostwalk, the band's fourth album, Wayd displays a kind of progressive death metal with some jazz overtones (notably some nice sax work, as well as the occasional lounge-y interlude). The classic names like Cynic and Atheist are frequently brought up when describing this kind of band -- to these ears, Wayd isn't as accomplished as those two, nor are they really much of a soundalike to either, but they do retain some of the interesting experimentalism that those two pioneers demonstrated. The bizarre remix of "Second Sunrise" that closes the album is certainly strange, driven by an almost tribal drum rhythm and some goofy guitar work, not for everyone's taste for sure but it's a nice add-on, again showing the band's willingness to experiment. Like seemingly every band from Slovakia or the Czech Republic, Wayd takes some getting used to, and they aren't for those into a more straightfoward style, but otherwise they're quite interesting.

Current Members

Drahos Jurik


Milan Savko


Richard Majer


Brano Kosa



The Ultimate Passion 
1997 Metal Age
  1. This Time
  2. Tequila
  3. New Light
  4. Nothing More to Give
  5. The Rise Song
  6. The Ultimate Passion
  7. Spiritual Stagediving
  8. Museum of Idols
  9. Autumn Peace
  10. The Path
  • Drahos Jurik
  • Milan Savko
  • Richard Majer
  • Brano Kosa

2001 Metal Age
  1. Diffused in a Dream
  2. Esoteric Suicide
  3. Flashbacks of Freedom
  4. Halushka
  5. Misanthropic Days
  6. Delights of the Dusk
  7. Mindstorm
  8. Barriers
  9. Extremes in You
  10. Don't Turn Back
  11. Dead Horse Beating
  • Drahos Jurik
  • Milan Savko
  • Richard Majer
  • Brano Kosa

2003 Metal Age
  1. Decadance
  2. Sperm, Milk & Fate
  3. Dawning
  4. Dust
  5. Dreamless
  6. Hyperventilation
  7. Die Laughing
  8. Velvet Deserts
  9. Scoundrel Days
  10. Dead Gallery
  11. Waiting for the Sun
  12. Breaking the Asscendence
  • Drahos Jurik
  • Milan Savko
  • Richard Majer
  • Brano Kosa

2007 Hrom
  1. Dead Ravens Blues
  2. Burning Visions
  3. Underneath the Nails
  4. Rivers of the Night
  5. Ghostwalk
  6. Desire's Eternal
  7. Second Sunrise
  8. In Hell We Dwell
  • Drahos Jurik
  • Milan Savko
  • Richard Majer
  • Brano Kosa

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