Origin: Rochester, NY, USA
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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Proving once again that the Swedish melodic death sound need not be confined to Swedish bands, Warblade's A Crisis In The Gray Space is a commendable effort for the style, lacking a tad in originality but solid in execution, with fine musicianship skills and enough songwriting depth to warrant a listen. The usual suspects can be brought up as reference points, but Warblade is more a group putting their own stamp on an established genre rather than simply a clone band. Considering this is the band's first effort, there is ample room for growth from this Rochester group.

Current Members

Mark Welden


Jesse Carson


Mike Welden


Justin Schultz




Former Members/Guests

Adam Zyla


Shaun Farley



(EP) Release The Angel Of Death 
2002 Oak Knoll
  1. Judgement Day
  2. The Wasteland Burials
  3. Disembodied
  • Mark Welden
  • Jesse Carson
  • Mike Welden
  • Adam Zyla
  • Shaun Farley

A Crisis In The Gray Space 
2003 Oak Knoll
  1. The End Unleashed at Dawn
  2. Deadly Nighshade
  3. The Wasteland Burials
  4. The Wasteland Burials II
  5. The Lifeline Machinery
  6. A Crisis in the Gray Space
  7. The Scowl click for mp3
  8. Dreamwork and Memory
  9. Epistemic Purification
  • Mark Welden
  • Jesse Carson
  • Mike Welden
  • Adam Zyla
  • Shaun Farley

The Phantom Blaze 
2005 Oak Knoll
  1. The Nature of The Beast
  2. The Arsenal
  3. The Ammunition
  4. The Plague
  5. The Dark Horse Rides Tonight
  6. The Phantom Blaze
  7. Black Lung
  8. Lateral Infinity
  9. Circumventing The Eternal Reccurence
  10. The Silent Red
  11. Inferno

Seize The Fire 
2009 self-released
  1. Intro
  2. The Tyger
  3. The Art of War
  4. The Sirens of Titan
  5. Invisible Cities
  6. The Plague
  7. Watchmen
  8. Interlude
  9. Scarface
  • Mark Welden
  • Jesse Carson
  • Mike Welden
  • Justin Schultz
  • Jamie

World War IV 
2010 self-released
  1. I'm Coming Home
  2. Screams From Below
  3. Paper Trail
  4. Dead Man Walking
  5. Acoustic Interlude
  6. The Poison Trade
  7. Piano Improvisation
  8. Before You Learn to Speak
  9. The Possible Future
  10. The Long Way Down
  • Mark Welden
  • Jesse Carson
  • Mike Welden
  • Justin Schultz
  • Jamie


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