Origin: Poland
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Virgin Snatch  

One has to wonder whether "Virgin Snatch" was really the best band name these guys could come up with, especially given that this isn't some joke porn/gore/grind band, of which there are many with similarly puerile names. All jokes aside, this band features (or has featured) several guys from familiar Polish groups such as Sceptic and Acid Drinkers (as well as, once upon a time, the current bassist for Scorpions!), with their debut album released in 2003 and two more albums since. Reviewed here is their third, 2006's In The Name Of Blood, a deathy modern thrashfest (mostly thrash with vocals that at times are more death) that's actually pretty accomplished. Though most of the tunes are similar and consistent, the album also features "You-Know-Where", a more balladlike affair that has a strong recent Metallica ring to it. Not really a groundbreaking band style-wise, but Blood is a solid album.

Current Members

Zielony (Lukasz Zielinski)


Grysik (Grzegorz Bryla)


Jacek Hiro

guitars (Dies Irae, Sceptic)

Novy (Marcin Nowak)

bass (ex-Behemoth, Dies Irae, Misteria, ex-Vader)

Jacko (Jacek Slawenski)


Former Members/Guests

Titus (Tomasz Pukacki)

bass (Acid Drinkers)




2003 Mills Music
  1. Intro
  2. No Salvation
  3. Altering Theory
  4. Six Six Six
  5. Senior De Ville
  6. Prayer Infected
  7. More Than Less
  8. Before
  9. For Those Alone
  10. S.U.C.K.
  • Zielony
  • Grysik
  • Titus
  • Jacko

Art Of Lying 
2005 Mystic
  1. Deprived Of Dignity
  2. Trans For Mansions
  3. Rulez Of Conduct
  4. My Avenger
  5. Art Of Lying
  6. Stop The Madness
  7. Flames Purify All
  8. Trust
  9. Paranoia
  • Zielony
  • Grysik
  • Jacek Hiro
  • Titus
  • Jacko

In The Name Of Blood 
2006 Mystic
  1. State Of Fear
  2. Purge My Stain!
  3. Bred to Kill
  4. IV - Vote Of No Confidence
  5. In The Name Of Blood
  6. Omniscientia
  7. Diminished Responsibility
  8. You-Know-Where
  9. Devoted Loyalty
  • Zielony
  • Grysik
  • Jacek Hiro
  • Aniol
  • Jacko

Act Of Grace 
2008 Mystic
  1. Act Of Grace
  2. Horn Of Plenty
  3. Slap In The Face
  4. Through Fight We Grow
  5. Walk The Line
  6. Daniel The Jack
  7. M.A.D. (Make A Donation)
  8. Don't Get Left Behind
  9. It's Time
  • Zielony
  • Grysik
  • Jacek Hiro
  • Novy
  • Jacko

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