Origin: Adelaide, Australia
Genres: Gothic Metal, Doom Metal

Virgin Black  

Virgin Black is one of those rare bands that not only attempt their own path in music, but succeed in producing something quite special. Sombre Romantic, their 2001 debut full-length following an EP entitled Trance two years prior, is a masterpiece, an emotive, expressive gothic doom album that relies not on bludgeoning riffs but subtle effects such as quiet piano interludes and the occasional Gregorian-styled vocal chant in order to convey melancholic and often haunting moods. At times the album feels more like a movie soundtrack than a simple collection of songs, with the band drifting from subdued vocal/guitar duets to aggressive riffing to quiet, moodier sections. This is one of the best albums to emerge in the past several years, and their recent Elegant ... But Dying release has proven to be a worthy followup. This is an outstanding and original band.

Slated for 2007 is the release of no less than three new albums (one purely orchestral, one with band and orchestral, and one "normal" band release). Entitled Requiem - Pianissimo, Requiem - Mezzo Forte, and Requiem - Fortissimo, respectively, the three albums are intended to be released more or less simultaneously, with Mezzo Forte coming first, in April.

Current Members

Rowan London


Samantha Escarbe

lead guitar/cello



Luk Faz


Former Members/Guests

Craig Edis


Ian Miller


Dino Cielo



(EP) Trance 
  1. Opera De Trance
  2. A Saint Is Weeping
  3. Whispers Of Dead Sisters
  • Rowan London
  • Samantha Escarbe
  • Craig Edis
  • Ian Miller
  • Dino Cielo

Sombre Romantic 
2001 The End
  1. Opera de Romanci
  2. Walk Without Limbs
  3. Of Your Beauty
  4. Drink the Midnight Hymn
  5. Museum of Iscariot
  6. Lamenting Kiss
  7. Weep for Me
  8. I Sleep with the Emperor
  9. A Poet's Tears of Porcelain
  • Rowan London
  • Samantha Escarbe
  • Craig Edis
  • Ian Miller
  • Dino Cielo
2001 BNR Top Ten album

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Elegant ... And Dying 
2003 The End
  1. Adorned In Ashes
  2. Velvet Tongue
  3. And The Kiss Of God.s Mouth (Part 1)
  4. And The Kiss Of God.s Mouth (Part 2)
  5. Renaissance
  6. The Everlasting
  7. Cult Of Crucifixion
  8. Beloved
  9. Our Wings Are Burning
  • Rowan London
  • Samantha Escarbe
  • Craig Edis
  • Ian Miller
  • Dino Cielo
2003 BNR Top Ten album

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Requiem - Mezzo Forte 
2007 The End
  1. Requiem, Kyrie
  2. In Death
  3. Midnight's Hymn
  4. …And I Am Suffering
  5. Domine
  6. Lacrimosa (I Am Blind With Weeping)
  7. Rest Eternal
  • Rowan London
  • Samantha Escarbe
  • Grayh
  • Luk Faz
2007 BNR Top Ten album

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Requiem - Fortissimo 
2008 The End
  1. The Fragile Breath
  2. In Winters Ash
  3. Silent
  4. God in Dust
  5. Lacrimosa (Gather Me)
  6. Darkness
  7. Forever
  • Rowan London
  • Samantha Escarbe
  • Grayh
  • Luk Faz

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