Origin: Norway
Genres: Black Metal, Industrial
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This Norwegian trio is one of several bands taking a black metal base and wandering into futuristic/post-apocalyptic themes. Apparently their goal all along was to record a trilogy of related albums, and with the release of VioLution in 2007, that trilogy is complete. Red Harvest, is a first choice for a comparison (frequently, it seems, for bands of this ilk), but these guys are more futuristic and atmospheric, less industrial, and a shade less oppressive.

The band announced in 2008 that there would be no more recordings and would formally disband in due time, though they continued touring during the year, as well as releasing a remix/special guests album under the title Total Reconstruction.

Current Members

Eddie Risdal


Kristoffer Oustad


Atle Johansen



2003 Vendlus
  1. Consumed By Schizophrenia
  2. Dead Shining Star
  3. The Human Element
  4. To Be Tuned
  5. Perspective
  6. Everything But Life
  7. Soldier Of The Neverending War
  8. Purity
  9. The Fall Of Science
  10. Zero Nothing
  • Eddie Risdal
  • Kristoffer Oustad
  • Atle Johansen

Reviews:   Metal Observer 

2005 Vendlus
  1. The Brightest Light
  2. Unleash the Energy
  3. A Prophecy Written in Uranium
  4. Infected by Life
  5. The Purifying Flames
  6. Solid Structure Unknown
  7. As The Sky Opens
  8. deConstructor
  9. Dead Men's Choir
  • Eddie Risdal
  • Kristoffer Oustad
  • Atle Johansen

2007 Vendlus
  1. Exequor
  2. Shut It Down
  3. The Absolute
  4. Pattern Of The Weak
  5. Surrender To Oblivion
  6. World Wide Bombing Day
  7. Desert Generator
  8. Can You See The Light Now?
  9. When Entropy Decreases
  • Eddie Risdal
  • Kristoffer Oustad
  • Atle Johansen

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Total Reconstruction 
2008 Cold Meat Ind.
  1. Nordvargr - Desert Generator Hell
  2. Beyond Sensory Experience - Pattern Of The Weak (remix)
  3. Megaptera - Infected By Life (rmx 33 rpm LP-version)
  4. Manes - Absolute Nothing (Manes redux)
  5. des Esseintes - To Be Detuned
  6. Lrz - Surrender To Oblivion (dark resonance mix)
  7. Thrawn Hellspawn - When Entropy Is Thwarted
  8. Shinjuku Thief / EPA - Solid Structure: Undone
  9. Desiderii Marginis - Dead Men's Choir (remix)
  10. Origami Galaktika - Towards The Sun, Swansong (Zero Nothing remixed)
  11. V:28 featuring Coph Nia - All Lined Up (Swans cover)
  12. V:28 - One Last Breath (Bleak cover)


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