Origin: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Genres: Christian Metal, Doom Metal
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Troglodyte Dawn  

Troglodyte Dawn is the Christian doom brainchild of one Randy Michaud, formerly a singer in a East Coast metal band called D.T. Seizure many a year ago. The self-titled album, essentially performed by Michaud alone, is an interesting mixed bag of doom metal, ambient, and other assorted rock styles. From a metallic standpoint the highlights would be the two long St. Vitus-styled doomfests that are "Fallen World" and "Lust", both pretty cool. "Flower" is a nice acoustic rock number, and the well-done "Look At The Cross" reminds me of Neil Young for some reason. "Dawn" and "667" are very quiet ambient pieces, that blend well with the overall mood of the album. It's not a perfect album, as "Redeemed" (apparently an old worship song rocked up) is pretty ordinary and the dubbed crowd noise is distracting, the Black Sabbath "parody" (a cover of "After Forever", with completely changed lyrics) isn't that great, and there are times where the programmed drums sound a bit tinny. The lyrics are middle of the road as far as Christian bands go, certainly in your face but not to the point of being overly preachy. Michaud has since recruited a drummer and would ultimately like to see this project become a full-fledged band, though it remains to be seen if this happens. As it stands, Troglodyte Dawn is an enjoyable and fairly unique listen.

Current Members

Randy Michaud

vocals/all instruments


Troglodyte Dawn 
2003 self-released
  1. 667
  2. Fallen World (including 'Human Race')
  3. Redeemed
  4. Longing
  5. Forever After
  6. Flower
  7. Dood
  8. Lust (including 'Testimony' & 'Droon')
  9. Look On The Cross
  10. Dawn
  • Randy Michaud


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