Origin: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Genres: Christian Metal, Thrash Metal
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Tourniquet has been one of the more well-known and popular Christian thrash bands for some time, and the accolades are well-deserved -- the band's blend of mid-paced power-thrash and intelligent lyrics (thought-provoking and positive, not preachy) makes for recommended listening. The earlier albums focused more on faster thrash, almost bordering on death metal in intensity, while the newer material is more power metal based, but no less heavy. 2000's Microscopic View, is arguable one of their most diverse album yet, full of interesting riffs, contemporary without being trendy, really an excellent album.

May 2003 sees the release of Where Moth And Rust Destroy, featuring two surprise guests in guitarists Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) and Bruce Franklin (Trouble), as well as new bassist Steve Andino.

Current Members

Steve Andino


Ted Kirkpatrick


Former Members/Guests

Guy Ritter

vocals (Echo Hollow)

Luke Easter


Gary Lenaire

guitars (Echo Hollow)

Erik Mendez


Aaron Guerra


Marty Friedman (guest)

guitars (ex-Cacophony, ex-Hawaii, ex-Megadeth, ex-Vixen)

Bruce Franklin (guest)

guitars (ex-Generation, Supershine, Trouble)

Victor Macias



Stop The Bleeding 
1990 Intense
  1. The Test for Leprosy
  2. Ready or Not
  3. Ark of Suffering
  4. Tears of Korah
  5. The Threshing Floor
  6. You Get What You Pray For
  7. Swarming Spirits
  8. Whitewashed Tomb
  9. Somnambulism
  10. The Harlot Widow and the Virgin Bride
  • Guy Ritter
  • Gary Lenaire
  • Ted Kirkpatrick

Psycho Surgery 
1991 Intense
  1. Psycho Surgery
  2. A Dog's Breakfast
  3. Viento Borrascoso (Devastating Wind)
  4. Vitals Fading
  5. Spineless
  6. Dysfunctional Domicile
  7. Broken Chromosomes
  8. Stereotaxic Attrocities
  9. Officium Defunctorum
  • Guy Ritter
  • Gary Lenaire
  • Ted Kirkpatrick

Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance 
1992 Metal Blade
  1. Impending Embolism
  2. Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance
  3. Phantom Limb
  4. Ruminating Virulence
  5. Spectrophobic Dementia
  6. Gelatinous Tubercles of Purulent Ossification
  7. Incommensurate
  8. Exoskeletons
  9. Theodicy of Trial
  10. Descent into the Maelstrom
  11. En Hakkore
  12. Skeezix Dilemma
  13. The Tempter
  • Guy Ritter
  • Gary Lenaire
  • Erik Mendez
  • Victor Macias
  • Ted Kirkpatrick

Live Vol. 2 
1993 Intense
  1. Phantom Limb
  2. Medley: Ark of Suffering/Sterotaxic Atrocities
  3. Whitewash Tomb
  4. The Skeezix Dilemma
  5. The Tempter
  6. The Messiah
  • Gary Lenaire
  • Erik Mendez
  • Victor Macias
  • Ted Kirkpatrick

Vanishing Lessons 
1994 Intense
  1. Bearing Gruesome Cargo
  2. Pecking Order
  3. Drowning Machine
  4. Pushin' Broom
  5. Vanishing Lessons
  6. My Promise
  7. Acid Head
  8. K517
  9. Twilight
  10. Your Take
  11. Sola Christus
  • Luke Easter
  • Gary Lenaire
  • Victor Macias
  • Ted Kirkpatrick

(EP) Carry The Wounded 
1995 Intense
  1. Carry the Wounded
  2. When the Love is Right (to Lizett)
  3. Oh Well
  4. My Promise
  5. Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
  • Luke Easter
  • Gary Lenaire
  • Aaron Guerra
  • Victor Macias
  • Ted Kirkpatrick

The Collected Works Of Tourniquet  COMPILATION
1996 Intense
  1. Perfect Night for a Hanging
  2. Vanishing Lessons
  3. Pathogenic Occular Dissonance
  4. Twilight
  5. Psycho Surgery
  6. You Get What You Pay For
  7. Acidhead
  8. Broken Chromosomes
  9. Viento Borrascoso
  10. Carry the Wounded
  11. Bearing Gruesome Cargo
  12. The Skeezix Dilemma
  13. Ark of Suffering
  14. The Hand Trembler

Crawl To China 
1997 Benson
  1. Claustrospelunker
  2. Crawl to China
  3. Enveloped in Python
  4. White Knuckliní the Rosary
  5. If I Was There
  6. The Tell-Tale Heart
  7. Bats
  8. Proprioception: The Line Knives Syndrome
  9. The Kicking
  10. If Pigs Could Fly
  11. Crank (The Knife)
  12. Stumblefoot
  13. Imaginary Friend
  14. Going, going...gone
  15. America
  • Luke Easter
  • Aaron Guerra
  • Ted Kirkpatrick

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Acoustic Archives 
1998 Tourniquet
  1. Viento Borracoso
  2. Vanishing Lesson
  3. Claustrospelunker
  4. Bearing Gruesome Cargo
  5. Phantom Limb
  6. Bats
  7. Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
  8. Twilight
  9. If Pigs Could Fly
  10. Trivializing the Momentous, Complicating the Obvious
  • Luke Easter
  • Aaron Guerra
  • Ted Kirkpatrick

Reviews:   Metal Observer 

Microscopic View Of A Telescopic Realm 
2000 Metal Blade
  1. Besprinkle in Scarlet Horror
  2. Drinking from the Poison Well
  3. Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm
  4. The Tomb of Gilgamesh
  5. Servant of the Bones
  6. Erratic Palpitations of the Human Spirit
  7. Martyr's Pose
  8. Immunity Vector
  9. Indulgence by Proxy
  10. Caixa de Raiva
  11. The Skeezix Dilemma Part II (The Improbable Testimony of the Pipsesewah)
  • Luke Easter
  • Aaron Guerra
  • Ted Kirkpatrick

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Ocular Digital 
2003 Metal Blade

Where Moth And Rust Destroy 
2003 Metal Blade
  1. Where Moth And Rust Destroy
  2. Restoring The Locust Years
  3. Drawn And Quartered
  4. A Ghost At The Wheel
  5. Architheuthis
  6. Melting The Golden Calf
  7. Convoluted Absolutes
  8. Healing Waters Of The Tigris
  9. In Death We Rise
  • Luke Easter
  • Marty Friedman
  • Bruce Franklin
  • Steve Andino
  • Ted Kirkpatrick

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Till Sverige Med Karlek 

Antiseptic Bloodbath 
2012 Pathogenic
  1. Chart of the Elements (Lincchostbllis)
  2. Antiseptic Bloodbath
  3. The Maiden Who Slept in the Glass Coffin
  4. Chamunda Temple Stampede
  5. Flowering Cadaver
  6. 86 Bullets
  7. Duplicitous Endeavor
  8. Lost Language of the Andamans
  9. Carried Away On Uncertain Wings
  10. Fed By Ravens, Eaten By Vultures

Onward To Freedom 
2014 Pathogenic
  1. Onward to Freedom Prelude
  2. Onward to Freedom
  3. The Slave Ring
  4. The Noble Case for Mercy
  5. Let the Wild Just Be Wild
  6. No Soul
  7. If I Had to Do the Killing
  8. Virtual Embryo
  9. Stereotaxic Atrocities
  10. Animal Crossing at the Rainbow Bridge
  11. Drowning in Air
  12. Cage 23


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