Origin: Sweden
Genres: Goth Rock/Metal
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Fronted by Johan Edlund, Tiamat has undergone several style changes over the years, with the earliest incarnations of the band focusing on death metal (Sumerian Cry, as well as earlier demos of the band, back when they went by the name Treblinka), then moving toward a doomier sound (Astral Sleep and Clouds), and then came Wildhoney, by which time most remnants of anything death-ish were gone and the first signs of Pink Floyd influences were found. Their next album, the atmospheric A Deeper Kind Of Slumber, was perhaps the band's most controversial, as the Floyd-isms were in full effect and opinions on the new direction were sharply divided among fans and critics (personal opinion here: Slumber is a brilliant album, period). Next up was Skeleton Skeletron, marking another shift, this time towards a goth-oriented sound, a style furthered on their last several albums, with simpler, more upbeat goth stylings dominating the albums. Edlund has also recorded a solo effort under the name Lucyfire, whose This Dollar Saved My Life At Whitehorse is by all accounts much more a rock record than anything metal-oriented.

Current Members

Johan Edlund


Roger Öjersson


Anders Iwers

bass (Cemetary, Ceremonial Oath, Mercury Tide)

Lars Skjöld


Former Members/Guests

Stefan Lagergren


Thomas Petersson


Jorgen Thullberg


Johnny Hagel

bass (Sorcerer, Sundown)

Kenneth Roos


Andres Holmberg


Niklas Ekstrand



Sumerian Cry 
1990 Metalcore
  1. Intro-Sumerian Cry (Part I)
  2. In the shrines of the kingly dead
  3. The malicious paradise
  4. Necrophagious shadows
  5. Apothesis of morbidity
  6. Nocturnal funeral
  7. Altar flame
  8. Evilized
  9. Where the serpents ever dwell
  10. Outro-Sumerian Cry (Part II)
  11. The sign of the pentagram
  • Johan Edlund
  • Stefan Lagergren
  • Jorgen Thullberg
  • Andres Holmberg

The Astral Sleep 
1991 Century Media
  1. Neo aeon (intro)
  2. Lady temptress
  3. Mountain of doom
  4. Dead boys quire
  5. Sumerian cry (part III)
  6. On golden wings
  7. Ancient entity
  8. The southernmost voyage
  9. Angels far beyond
  10. I am the king (of dreams)
  11. The seal (outro)
  • Johan Edlund
  • Thomas Petersson
  • Jorgen Thullberg
  • Niklas Ekstrand

1992 Century Media
  1. In a dream
  2. Clouds
  3. Smell of incense
  4. A caress of stars
  5. The sleeping beauty
  6. Forever burning flame
  7. The scapegoat
  8. Undressed
  • Johan Edlund
  • Thomas Petersson
  • Johnny Hagel
  • Kenneth Roos
  • Niklas Ekstrand

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(EP) Sleeping Beauty - Live Israel 
1994 Century Media
  1. In a dream
  2. Ancient entity
  3. The sleeping beauty
  4. Mountain of doom
  5. Angels far beyond
  • Johan Edlund
  • Thomas Petersson
  • Johnny Hagel
  • Kenneth Roos
  • Lars Skjöld

1994 Century Media
  1. Wildhoney
  2. Whatever that hurts
  3. The Ar
  4. 25th floor
  5. Gaia
  6. Visionaire
  7. Kaleidoscope
  8. Do you dream of me?
  9. Planets
  10. A pocket sized sun
  • Johan Edlund
  • Johnny Hagel
  • Lars Skjöld
1994 BNR and Internet Top Ten album

(EP) Gaia 
1995 Century Media
  • Johan Edlund
  • Lars Skjöld

The Musical History Of Tiamat (2CD) 
1996 Century Media

A Deeper Kind Of Slumber 
1997 Century Media
  1. Cold seed
  2. Teonanacatl
  3. Trillion zillion centipedes
  4. The desolate one
  5. Atlantis as a lover
  6. Alteration x 10
  7. Four leary biscuits
  8. Only in my tears it lasts
  9. The whores of Babylon
  10. Kite
  11. Phantasma
  12. Mount Marilyn
  13. A deeper kind of slumber
  • Johan Edlund
  • Thomas Petersson
  • Anders Iwers
  • Lars Skjöld
1997 BNR Top Ten album

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Skeleton Skeletron 
1999 Century Media
  1. Church of tiamat
  2. Brighter than the sun
  3. Dust is our fare
  4. To have and have not
  5. For her pleasure
  6. Diyala
  7. Sympathy for the devil
  8. Best friend money can buy
  9. As long as you are mine
  10. Lucy
  • Johan Edlund
  • Anders Iwers
  • Lars Skjöld

Reviews:   Chronicles Of Chaos  Metal Observer 

Judas Christ 
2002 Century Media
  1. The Return Of The Son Of Nothing
  2. So Much For Suicide
  3. Vote For Love
  4. The Truth's For Sale
  5. Fireflower
  6. Sumer By Night
  7. Love Is As Good As Soma
  8. Angel Holograms
  9. Spine
  10. I Am In Love With Myself
  11. Heaven Of High
  12. Too Far Gone
  • Johan Edlund
  • Thomas Petersson
  • Anders Iwers
  • Lars Skjöld

Reviews:   Blabbermouth  Sea Of Tranquility  Metal Observer 

2003 Century Media
  1. Cain
  2. Ten Thousand Tentacles
  3. Wings of Heaven
  4. Love In Chains
  5. Divided
  6. Carry Your cross and i´ll carry mine
  7. Triple cross
  8. Light in extension
  9. Prey
  10. Garden Of heathen
  11. Clovenhoof
  12. Nihil
  13. Pentagram
  • Johan Edlund
  • Thomas Petersson
  • Anders Iwers
  • Lars Skjöld

Reviews:   Chronicles Of Chaos  Sea Of Tranquility  Lords Of Metal  Metal Observer 

The Church Of Tiamat 
2006 Century Media

Reviews:   Lords Of Metal 

Commandments  COMPILATION
2007 Century Media
  1. Where The Serpents Ever Dwell
  2. On Golden Wings
  3. Ancient Entity
  4. The Sleeping Beauty
  5. A Caress Of Stars
  6. Whatever That Hurts
  7. Gaia
  8. Cold Seed
  9. Phantasma De Luxe
  10. Brighter Than The Sun
  11. As Long As You Are Mine
  12. The Return Of The Son Of Nothing
  13. Vote For Love
  14. Cain
  15. Wings Of Heaven
  16. Divided (edit)

2008 Nuclear Blast
  1. The Temple Of The Crescent Moon
  2. Equinox Of The Gods
  3. Until The Hellhounds Sleep Again
  4. Will They Come?
  5. Lucienne
  6. Summertime Is Gone
  7. Katarraktis Apo Aima
  8. Raining Dead Angels
  9. Misantropolis
  10. Amanitis
  11. Meliae
  12. Via Dolorosa
  13. Circles
  14. Amanes
  • Johan Edlund
  • Thomas Petersson
  • Anders Iwers
  • Lars Skjöld

Reviews:   Blabbermouth  Sea Of Tranquility  Lords Of Metal  Metal Underground  Metal Observer 

The Scarred People 
2012 Nuclear Blast
  1. The Scarred People
  2. Winter Dawn
  3. 384EKteis
  4. Radiant Star
  5. The Sun Also Rises
  6. Before Another Wilbury Dies
  7. Love Terrorists
  8. Messinian Letter
  9. Thunder & Lightning
  10. Tiznit
  11. The Red of the Morning Sun
  • Johan Edlund
  • Roger Öjersson
  • Anders Iwers
  • Lars Skjöld


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