Origin: Hannover, Germany
Genres: 80's Metal
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Thunderhead was formed in Hannover, Germany in the late 80's (as the story goes, American vocalist Ted Bullet travelled to Germany to audition for the German band Victory, which didn't work out, but he found several guys who wanted to play together, and Thunderhead was born). Thunderhead was one of those bands who straddled the line between accessible hard rock and traditional metal, with a familiar rocking attitude highlighted by Bullet's classic hard rock voice. They recorded steadily from 1989 to 1995, attracting a fair sized fan base in Europe and Japan. By the mid-nineties the band had run its course, and with financial difficulties and personal differences looming, they called it a day. Several years later, Bullet recruited three new guys to form a new version of Thunderhead (interestingly, this same trio would also back up former Metal Church vocalist David Wayne in his Wayne project), and a final album, Ugly Side, was released in 1999.

Current Members

Ted Bullet

vocals (ex-Son Of A Bitch)

Jim Bell

guitars (ex-Wayne)

Mark Franco

bass (ex-Wayne)

B.J. Zampa

drums (ex-Wayne)

Former Members/Guests

Henny Wolter

guitars (ex-Primal Fear, ex-Sinner)

Ole Hempelmann


Alex Scotti



Behind The Eight Ball 
1989 Intercord
  1. Behind The Eight-Ball
  2. Ready To Roll
  3. Take It To The Highway
  4. (You Don't Keep Me) Satisfied
  5. The Fire's Burning
  6. Let Go
  7. Open All Night
  8. Life In The City
  9. Just Another Lover
  10. Straight Shooter
  11. Take Me To The Limit
  • Ted Bullet
  • Henny Wolter
  • Ole Hempelmann
  • Alex Scotti

Busted At The Border 
1990 Intercord
  1. Busted At The Border
  2. 42nd Street
  3. Good Til The Last Drop
  4. The Darker Side Of Yesterday
  5. No Security
  6. Hard Kind Of Woman
  7. Terrified
  8. 25 or 6 to 4
  9. Face To Face
  10. Wicked Love
  11. Caught Between The Lines
  • Ted Bullet
  • Henny Wolter
  • Ole Hempelmann
  • Alex Scotti

Crime Pays 
1991 Music For Nations
  1. City Cornered Man
  2. Make It Hard
  3. N.Y. You Let Me Down
  4. Crime Pays
  5. Let The Dogs Loose
  6. Forgive And Forget You
  7. Torture Ride
  8. Live With It
  9. What Mama Don't Know
  10. Life Is Only a Goodbye
  11. Ain't No Trust
  • Ted Bullet
  • Henny Wolter
  • Ole Hempelmann
  • Alex Scotti

Killing With Style 
  1. Young And Useless
  2. 8-Bald
  3. Overload (More Than A Buck)
  4. Just When I Try
  5. Movin' On
  6. Save Me
  7. House Of Swallow
  8. Whips And Chains
  9. Down In Desperation
  10. Hard Times
  11. Redline
  12. Loosen Up Your Grip
  • Ted Bullet
  • Henny Wolter
  • Ole Hempelmann
  • Alex Scotti

(EP) Movin' With Style 
  1. Movin' On
  2. Pay Back Time
  3. Hard Times
  4. Just When I Try
  • Ted Bullet
  • Henny Wolter
  • Ole Hempelmann
  • Alex Scotti

Classic Killers 
1994 Gun
  1. Intro
  2. Young And Useless
  3. (You Don't Keep Me) Satisfied
  4. Overload
  5. The Darker Side Of Yesterday
  6. House Of Swallow
  7. Whips And Chains
  8. Crime Pays
  9. Busted At The Border
  10. Movin' On
  11. 8-Bald
  12. Face To Lace
  13. Behind The Eight Ball
  14. Take It To The Highway
  15. Ace Of Spades
  • Ted Bullet
  • Henny Wolter
  • Ole Hempelmann
  • Alex Scotti

Were You Told The Truth About Hell 
1995 Gun
  1. Hanging By A Thread
  2. Crash Course In Life
  3. The Absence Of Angels
  4. Snap
  5. Thanx
  6. Here's To You America
  7. Schizophrenic Mind
  8. Inside Of The Dark Side
  9. Premonition
  10. The Show Has Just Begun
  11. Zero The Hero
  • Ted Bullet
  • Henny Wolter
  • Ole Hempelmann
  • Alex Scotti

Ballads '88 - '95  COMPILATION
  1. Rescue Me
  2. That's The Way
  3. Darker Side Of Yesterday
  4. Let Him Run
  5. Movin' On
  6. Good Things Never Last
  7. Life In The City
  8. Loosen Up Your Grip
  9. Down In Desperation
  10. Behind Blue Eyes

The Whole Decade  COMPILATION
  1. Whips & Chains
  2. Hanging By A Thread
  3. Young & Useless
  4. Busted At The Border
  5. Behind The 8-Ball
  6. Take It To The Highway
  7. Payback Time
  8. Rescue Me
  9. Behind Blue Eyes
  10. Snap
  11. House Of Swallow
  12. Crash Course In Life
  13. Face To Lace
  14. Ace Of Spades
  15. Good Things Never Last
  16. The Absence Of Angels
  17. Overload
  18. What Mama Don't Know
  19. That's The Way

Ugly Side 
1999 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Liar
  2. Rock Bottom
  3. Footsteps Of Fear
  4. Blood
  5. Pull The Plug
  6. Ugly Side
  7. High, And Don't Care
  8. Pieces Of Pain
  9. 35 Minutes (Revisited)
  10. Got To End It
  11. A Real Hard Time (Fuck You)
  • Ted Bullet
  • Jim Bell
  • Mark Franco
  • B.J. Zampa

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