Origin: Chantilly, VA, USA
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Twisted Tower Dire  

Twisted Tower Dire have been unabashedly waving the banner of true metal for almost a decade, formed back in 1995 in Virginia and releasing several singles and EPs as well as three full-length albums. Musically, the band truly is reliving the glory of 80's traditional metal (Iron Maiden being a prime influence, but far from the only one) but manage to do so without resorting to stale cloning of the good old days. This band is a solid choice for true metal purists.

Current Members

Johnny Aune


Dave Boyd

guitars (Volture)

Scott Waldrop


Jim Hunter

bass (October 31, Revelation, While Heaven Wept)

Marc Stauffer


Former Members/Guests

Tony Taylor

vocals (Isen Torr) RIP: February 6, 2010, motorcycle accident

Jim Murad


Mike Engel



The Curse Of Twisted Tower 
1999 Miskatonic
  1. Land of Illusions
  2. Hail Darkrider
  3. The Curse of Twisted Tower
  4. The Epic War Never Ends
  5. Rue of the Forsaken Sleepkeeper (part 2)
  6. Lament: Nocturne
  7. Valkyrie Death Squadrons
  8. The Witch's Eyes
  • Tony Taylor
  • Dave Boyd
  • Scott Waldrop
  • Jim Murad
  • Marc Stauffer

The Isle Of Hydra 
2001 Miskatonic
  1. Battle Cry
  2. The Isle of Hydra
  3. When the Daylight Fades
  4. Daggers Blade
  5. Ride the Night
  6. The Longing
  7. Sign of the Storm
  8. Final Stand
  9. Dying Breath
  • Tony Taylor
  • Dave Boyd
  • Scott Waldrop
  • Mike Engel
  • Marc Stauffer

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Crest Of The Martyrs 
2003 Remedy
  1. At Night
  2. Some Other Time, Some Other Place
  3. Axes & Honour
  4. To Be A Champion
  5. Infinitum
  6. Fight To Be Free
  7. Transfixed
  8. By My Hand
  9. Guardian Bloodline
  10. The Reflecting Pool
  11. The Witch's Eyes (Bonus Track)
  • Tony Taylor
  • Dave Boyd
  • Scott Waldrop
  • Jim Hunter
  • Marc Stauffer

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2007 Remedy
  1. Starshine
  2. Dire Wolf
  3. Fortress
  4. Killing Kind
  5. Netherworlds
  6. Casuality Of Cruel Times
  7. Tales Of Submission
  8. No One Left To Blame
  9. Firebird
  • Tony Taylor
  • Dave Boyd
  • Scott Waldrop
  • Jim Hunter
  • Marc Stauffer

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Make It Dark 
2011 Cruz Del Sur

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