Origin: Austin, TX, USA
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The Sword  

This Austin band seems to have come out of nowhere with their 2006 debut, Age Of Winters, and have drawn several rave reviews by critics declaring this band one of those Next Big Things in metal. Stylistically, The Sword isn’t doing anything new – Black Sabbath-styled riffs are all over the place, and doom is the prime style here, albeit far removed from the 80’s-styled doom bands such as Candlemass. In general the songs are rather loose, almost a garage-y feel even though the production suggests otherwise. There are clear stoner influences on some of the more uptempo numbers, though this is not a stoner band so much as a doom band with some stonerisms, somewhat in the same ballpark as bands such as Sleep or maybe Orange Goblin. The band has taken some heat from underground fans who feel that, by quickly debuting on what is essentially a major label (Kemado is an indie, but one that is major-label-financed), they haven’t “paid their dues” (really, should this matter at all?). When all is said and done, Age Of Winters may not be the ultimate masterpiece as some say, but it’s clearly a solid 70’s-influenced doom album.

Current Members

J.D. Cronise


Kyle Shutt


Bryan Richie


Santiago Vela III


Former Members/Guests

Trivett Wingo



Age Of Winters 
2006 Kemado
  1. Celestial Crown
  2. Barael's Blade
  3. Freya
  4. Winter's Wolves
  5. The Horned Goddess
  6. Iron Swan
  7. Lament for the Aurochs
  8. March of the Lor
  9. Ebethron
  • J.D. Cronise
  • Kyle Shutt
  • Bryan Richie
  • Trivett Wingo

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Gods Of The Earth 
2008 Kemado
  1. The Sundering
  2. The Frost-Giant's Daughter
  3. How Heavy This Axe
  4. Lords
  5. Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians
  6. To Take the Black
  7. Maiden, Mother & Crone
  8. Under the Boughs
  9. The Black River
  10. The White Sea
  • J.D. Cronise
  • Kyle Shutt
  • Bryan Richie
  • Trivett Wingo

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(EP) iTunes Festival - London 2010 
2010 iTunes
  1. Freya (Live)
  2. Arrows in the Dark (Live)
  3. Winter's Wolves (Live)
  4. To Take the Black (Live)
  5. The Horned Goddess (Live)
  • J.D. Cronise
  • Kyle Shutt
  • Bryan Richie
  • Trivett Wingo

Warp Riders 
2010 Kemado
  1. Acheron/Unearthing the Orb
  2. Tres Brujas
  3. Arrows in the Dark
  4. The Chronomancer I: Hubris
  5. Lawless Lands
  6. Astraea's Dream
  7. The Warp Riders
  8. Night City
  9. The Chronomancer II: Nemesis
  10. (The Night the Sky Cried) Tears of Fire

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2012 Razor & Tie
  1. The Veil of Isis
  2. Cloak of Feathers
  3. Arcane Montane
  4. The Hidden Masters
  5. Dying Earth
  6. Execrator
  7. Seven Sisters
  8. Hawks and Serpents
  9. Eyes of the Stormwitch
  10. Apocryphon
  • J.D. Cronise
  • Kyle Shutt
  • Bryan Richie
  • Santiago Vela III

High Country 
2015 Razor & Tie
  1. Unicorn Farm
  2. Empty Temples
  3. High Country
  4. Tears Like Diamonds
  5. Mist And Shadow
  6. Agartha
  7. Seriously Mysterious
  8. Suffer No Fools
  9. Early Snow
  10. The Dreamthieves
  11. Buzzards
  12. Silver Petals
  13. Ghost Eye
  14. Turned To Dust
  15. The Bees Of Spring

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Low Country 
2016 Razor & Tie


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