Origin: Des Moines, IA, USA
Genres: Nu-Metal, Alternative Metal

Stone Sour  

Stone Sour is one of a couple of bands that are often mentioned as Slipknot side projects. This is really only half correct -- yes, there are two Slipknot members here, but Stone Sour's history predates Slipknot's by several years, formed back in 1992 by vocalist Corey Taylor and drummer Joel Ekman. After several years of building up a local following in the Midwest, they essentially broke up in 1997, with Taylor and guitarist James Root joining Slipknot (bassist Shawn Economaki also joined the Slipknot camp as a manager). It wasn't until 2000 that guitarist Josh Rand approached the others and they formally reunited, releasing their debut in 2002. They got major airplay from the ballad "Bother", which appeared on the Spider-Man soundtrack as well as on the debut, though this song is not representative of their basic sound. Nor is there really a lot of similarities to Slipknot, as Stone Sour takes a more mid-paced, mainstream alterna-metal sound, with Taylor occasionally lapsing into his shouts but usually singing clean. Though there's no question that the Slipknot connection aided the band exposure-wise, the album stands well on its own.

Joined by veteran drummer Roy Mayorga, the band's second album, Come What(ever) May, was released in the summer of 2006.

Current Members

Corey Taylor

vocals (Slipknot)

Christian Martucci


Josh Rand


Roy Mayorga

drums (Amebix, Channel Zero, ex-Medication, ex-Soulfly, Thorn)

Former Members/Guests

James Root

guitars (Slipknot)

Shawn Economaki


Joel Ekman



Stone Sour 
2002 Roadrunner
  1. Get Inside
  2. Orchids
  3. Cold Reader
  4. Blotter
  5. Choose
  6. Monolith
  7. Inhale
  8. Bother
  9. Blue Study
  10. Take A Number
  11. Idle Hands
  12. Tumult
  13. Omega
  • Corey Taylor
  • James Root
  • Josh Rand
  • Shawn Economaki
  • Joel Ekman

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Come What(ever) May 
2006 Roadrunner
  1. 30/30-150
  2. Come What(ever) May
  3. Hell & Consequences
  4. sillyworld
  5. Made Of Scars
  6. Reborn
  7. Your God
  8. Through Glass
  9. Socio
  10. 1st Person
  11. Cardiff
  12. Zzyzx Rd
  • Corey Taylor
  • James Root
  • Josh Rand
  • Shawn Economaki
  • Roy Mayorga

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Audio Secrecy 
2010 Roadrunner
  1. Audio Secrecy (Instrumental)
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Digital (Did You Tell)
  4. Say You'll Haunt Me
  5. Dying
  6. Let's Be Honest
  7. Unfinished
  8. Hesitate
  9. Nylon 6/6
  10. Miracles
  11. Pieces
  12. The Bitter End
  13. Imperfect
  14. Threadbare
  • Corey Taylor
  • James Root
  • Josh Rand
  • Shawn Economaki
  • Roy Mayorga

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House Of Gold & Bones Part 1 
2012 Roadrunner
  1. Gone Sovereign
  2. Absolute Zero
  3. A Rumor of Skin
  4. The Travelers, Pt. 1
  5. Tired
  6. RU486
  7. My Name Is Allen
  8. Taciturn
  9. Influence of a Drowsy God
  10. The Travelers, Pt. 2
  11. Last of the Real
  • Corey Taylor
  • James Root
  • Josh Rand
  • Roy Mayorga

House Of Gold & Bones Part 2 
2013 Roadrunner
  1. Red City
  2. Black John
  3. Sadist
  4. Peckinpah
  5. Stalemate
  6. Gravesend
  7. '82
  8. The Uncanny Valley
  9. Blue Smoke
  10. Do Me A Favor
  11. The Conflagration
  12. The House Of Gold & Bones


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