Origin: Norway
Genres: Gothic Metal
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Sirenia is the band formed by guitarist/vocalist Morten Veland following his departure from Tristania. Whatever issues Veland had with his former mates appear not to be based on musical differences, as Sirenia follows a similar path as Tristania (both with Veland, and since his departure from them), that being gothic/atmospheric metal with a variety of vocal styles including Veland's blackened lead vocals, female soprano vocals, and male choirs that occasionally bring Therion to mind. It's good to see Veland prospering on his own, just as it's good to see Tristania continue to excel in his absence.

Current Members

Morten Veland

guitars/vocals (Mortemia, ex-Tristania)

Ailyn (Pilar Giménez García)


Jan Erk Soltvedt


Jonathan Perez

drums (ex-Trail Of Tears)

Former Members/Guests

Henriette Bordvik


Monika Pedersen

vocals (Sinphonia)

Kristian Gundersen


Björn Landa


Michael Krumins

guitars (ex-Green Carnation)

Hans Henrik Varland



At Sixes And Sevens 
2002 Napalm
  1. Meridian
  2. Sister Nightfall
  3. On The Wane
  4. In A Manica
  5. At Sixes And Sevens
  6. Lethargica
  7. Manic Aeon
  8. A Shadow Of Your Own Self
  9. In Sumerian Haze
  • Morten Veland
  • Kristian Gundersen
  • Hans Henrik Varland

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An Elixir For Existence 
2004 Napalm
  1. Lithium and A Lover
  2. Voices Within
  3. A Mental Symphony
  4. Euphoria
  5. In My Darkest Hours
  6. Save Me From Myself
  7. The Fall Within
  8. Star-Crossed
  9. Seven Sirens and A Silver Tear
  • Morten Veland
  • Henriette Bordvik
  • Kristian Gundersen
  • Jonathan Perez

Reviews:   Lords Of Metal 

(EP) Sirenian Shores 
2005 Napalm
  1. Sirenian Shores
  2. Save Me From Myself (remix)
  3. Meridian (acoustic)
  4. First We Take Manhattan
  5. Obire Mortem
  • Morten Veland
  • Henriette Bordvik
  • Kristian Gundersen
  • Jonathan Perez

Nine Destinies And A Downfall 
2007 Nuclear Blast
  1. The Last Call
  2. My Mind's Eye
  3. One By One
  4. Sundown
  5. Absent Without Leave
  6. The Other Side
  7. Seven Keys and Nine Doors
  8. Downfall
  9. Glades of Summer
  • Morten Veland
  • Monika Pedersen
  • Björn Landa
  • Jonathan Perez

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The 13th Floor 
  1. The Path To Decay
  2. Lost In Life
  3. The Mind Maelstrom
  4. The Seventh Summer
  5. Beyond Life's Scenery
  6. The Lucid Door
  7. Led Astray
  8. Winterborn 77
  9. Sirens Of The Seven Seas
  • Morten Veland
  • Ailyn
  • Michael Krumins
  • Jonathan Perez

Reviews:   Sea Of Tranquility  Lords Of Metal  Metal Underground  Metal Observer 

The Enigma Of Life 
  1. The End Of It All
  2. Fallen Angel
  3. All My Dreams
  4. This Darkness
  5. The Twilight In Your Eyes
  6. Winter Land
  7. A Seaside Serenade
  8. Darkened Days To Come
  9. Coming Down
  10. This Lonely Lake
  11. Fading Star
  12. The Enigma Of Life
  13. Oscura Realidad (bonus track)
  14. The Enigma Of Life (acoustic version; bonus track)
  • Morten Veland
  • Ailyn
  • Michael Krumins
  • Jonathan Perez

Reviews:   Blabbermouth  Lords Of Metal  Angry Metal Guy 

Perils Of The Deep Blue 
2013 Nuclear Blast
  1. Ducere Me In Lucem
  2. Seven Widows Weep
  3. My Destiny Coming To Pass
  4. Ditt Endelikt
  5. Cold Caress
  6. Darkling
  7. Decadence
  8. Stille Kom Døden
  9. The Funeral March
  10. Profound Scars
  11. A Blizzard Is Storming
  • Morten Veland
  • Ailyn
  • Jan Erk Soltvedt
  • Jonathan Perez


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