Origin: Halmstad, Sweden
Genres: Stoner Rock
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Spiritual Beggars  

Spiritual Beggars tapped into the stoner metal scene in a big way in the mid-nineties, with a sound borrowing from Kyuss and late-period Trouble, augmented by some wonderful Hammond organ work on their more recent albums. This is a showcase for guitarist Mike Amott's versatility, as he's more well-known for his work in bands quite different from this, such as Carcass and Arch Enemy. They're recording less frequently now, with their last album in 2005 but a new one presently being worked on for a 2010 release.

Current Members

Apollo Papathanasio

vocals (ex-Evil Masquerade, ex-Firewind, Meduza)

Michael Amott

guitars (Arch Enemy, Candlemass, ex-Carcass, ex-Carnage)

Sharlee D'Angelo (Charles Andreason)

bass (Arch Enemy, ex-Dismember, ex-Illwill, Mercyful Fate, ex-Sinergy, Witchery)

Per Wiberg

keyboards (Krux, ex-Opeth)

Ludwig Witt

drums (Firebird, Grand Magus)

Former Members/Guests

Spice (Christian Sjöstrand)

bass/vocals (Kayser, ex-Mushroom River Band)

Janne Christoffersson

vocals (Grand Magus)

Roger Nilsson

bass (ex-Firebird, The Quill)


Spiritual Beggars 
1994 Wrong Again
  1. Yearly Dying
  2. Pelekas
  3. The Space Inbetween
  4. If This Is All
  5. Under Silence
  6. Magnificent Obsession
  7. Blind Mountain (Japanese bonus track)
  8. Nowhere To Go (Japanese bonus track)
  9. Sour Stains (Japanese bonus track)
  10. If You Should Leave (Japanese bonus track)
  • Spice
  • Michael Amott
  • Ludwig Witt

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Another Way To Shine 
1996 Music For Nations
  1. Magic Spell
  2. Blind Mountain
  3. Misty Valley
  4. Picking from the box
  5. Nowhere To Go
  6. Entering into peace
  7. Sour Stains
  8. Another way to shine
  9. Past The Sound Of Whispers
  • Spice
  • Michael Amott
  • Ludwig Witt

Mantra III 
1998 Music For Nations
  1. Homage to the betrayed
  2. Monster astronaut
  3. Euphoria
  4. Broken morning
  5. Lack of prozac
  6. Superbossanova
  7. Bad karma
  8. Send me a smile
  9. Cosmic romance
  10. Inside charmers
  11. Sad queen boogie
  12. Mushroom tea girl
  13. The band is playing
  • Spice
  • Michael Amott
  • Ludwig Witt
1998 BNR Top Ten album

Ad Astra 
2000 Music For Nations
  1. Left Brain Ambassadors
  2. Wonderful World
  3. Sedated
  4. Angel Of Betrayal
  5. Blessed
  6. Per Aspera Ad Astra
  7. Save Your Soul
  8. Until The Morning
  9. Escaping The Fools
  10. On Dark Rivers
  11. The Goddess
  12. Mantra
  13. Let The Magic
  14. It's Over
  • Spice
  • Michael Amott
  • Per Wiberg
  • Ludwig Witt
2000 BNR Top Ten album

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On Fire 
2002 Music For Nations
  1. Street Fighting Saviours
  2. Young Man, Old Soul
  3. Killing Time
  4. Fools Gold
  5. Black Feathers
  6. Beneath The Sun
  7. Feejee Mermaid
  8. Dance Of The Dragon King
  9. Tall Tales
  10. The Lunatic
  11. Look Back
  • Janne Christoffersson
  • Michael Amott
  • Roger Nilsson
  • Per Wiberg
  • Ludwig Witt

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  1. Inner Strength
  2. Throwing Your Life Away
  3. Salt In Your Wounds
  4. One Man Army
  5. Through The Halls
  6. Treading Water
  7. Dying Every Day
  8. Born To Die
  9. Born To Die (reprise)
  10. In My Blood
  11. Elusive
  12. Sleeping With One Eye Open
  13. No One Heard
  • Janne Christoffersson
  • Michael Amott
  • Sharlee D'Angelo
  • Per Wiberg
  • Ludwig Witt

Reviews:   Sea Of Tranquility  Lords Of Metal  Metal Storm 

Return To Zero 
2010 Inside Out
  1. Return To Zero (Intro)
  2. Lost In Yesterday
  3. Star Born
  4. The Chaos Of Rebirth
  5. We Are Free
  6. Spirit Of The Wind
  7. Coming Home
  8. Concrete Horizon
  9. A New Dawn Rising
  10. Believe In Me
  11. Dead Weight
  12. The Road Less Travelled
  • Apollo Papathanasio
  • Michael Amott
  • Sharlee D'Angelo
  • Per Wiberg
  • Ludwig Witt

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Return To Live: Loud Park 2010  LIVE
2011 Trooper
  1. Left Brain Ambassador
  2. Beneath the Skin
  3. One Man Army
  4. Wonderful World
  5. Fools Gold
  6. Star Born
  7. Concrete Horizon
  8. Euphoria
  • Apollo Papathanasio
  • Michael Amott
  • Sharlee D'Angelo
  • Per Wiberg
  • Ludwig Witt

Earth Blues 
2013 Inside Out
  1. Wise As A Serpent
  2. Turn The Tide
  3. Sweet Magic Pain
  4. Hello Sorrow
  5. One Man’s Curse
  6. Dreamer
  7. Too Old To Die Young
  8. Kingmaker
  9. Road To Madness
  10. Dead End Town
  11. Freedom Song
  12. Legends Collapse

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Sunrise To Sundown 
2016 Inside Out
  1. Sunrise To Sundown
  2. Diamond Under Pressure
  3. What Doesn't Kill You
  4. Hard Road
  5. Still Hunter
  6. No Man's Land
  7. I Turn To Stone
  8. Dark Light Child
  9. Lonely Freedom
  10. You've Been Fooled
  11. Southern Star
  • Apollo Papathanasio
  • Michael Amott
  • Sharlee D'Angelo
  • Per Wiberg
  • Ludwig Witt


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