Origin: Cleveland, OH, USA
Genres: Death Metal
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Soulless came into being in 1997, essentially a continuation of an earlier Cleveland death metal band called Bloodsick. By 1999 they had their first release out, that being The Darkening Of Days, a collection of mostly mid-paced thrashy death tunes, though they speed it up now and again to vary the pace. Jim Lippucci's tortured death shrieks are sometimes too one-dimensional, though from a death metal standpoint this is a minor quibble at best. The production is surprisingly good for what is essentially a CD release of a demo. Though not the most original band in the world, Soulless have the potential to make a real name for themselves in the death metal field. They released their followup, Agony's Lament, in 2002.

Current Members

Jim Lippucci


Wayne Richards


Jim Corrick


Dave Johnson


Chris Dora


Former Members/Guests

Jerry Kessler


Tony Daprano



The Darkening Of Days 
1999 self-released
  1. Devilish
  2. Abandoned To Bleed
  3. Turn
  4. Blissfully Damned
  5. Crumble Beneath
  6. Down Hell.s Path
  7. Emptiness Domain
  8. Hellbent
  9. Lost
  10. The Darkening of Days
  • Jim Lippucci
  • Wayne Richards
  • Jerry Kessler
  • Tony Daprano
  • Chris Dora

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Agony's Lament 
2002 World Chaos
  1. Bleeding Darkness
  2. Agonies
  3. Lament
  4. The Soul Scythe
  5. Empty Deadness
  6. Terror of Twilight
  7. Downward
  8. Exile
  9. Suffer the Fallen
  10. The Fleet of Fury
  • Jim Lippucci
  • Wayne Richards
  • Jim Corrick
  • Dave Johnson
  • Chris Dora

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(EP) Betray The Light 
2005 self-released
  1. The Price of LIfe
  2. What Remains
  3. Dead To Me
  4. Betray The Light
  • Jim Lippucci
  • Wayne Richards
  • Jim Corrick
  • Dave Johnson
  • Chris Dora

Forever Defiant 
2007 World Chaos
  1. What Remains?
  2. The Price of Life
  3. The Hunt (Subtle)
  4. The Devil's Hand
  5. Of Liars And Thieves...
  6. Betray The Light
  7. D-composition
  8. Prey On The Weak
  9. Deadly Sins
  10. To The Death
  11. Dead To Me
  12. Straight To Hell
  13. As Darkness Dawns
  14. Hollow Eyes (Bonus track)
  15. Kill The King (Bonus track)
  • Jim Lippucci
  • Wayne Richards
  • Jim Corrick
  • Dave Johnson
  • Chris Dora

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