Origin: Greece
Genres: Gothic Metal

Septic Flesh  

Septic Flesh ranks with Rotting Christ as among Greece's most well known and well-recieved metal bands, and the sound of the two bands aren't that far apart, being a dark gothic metal style. Of the three albums reviewed here, it's their 2003 effort Sumerian Daemons, that stands out as their best, with (mostly) death vocals accompanying crunchy, slow to mid-paced riffing and a nice flair for symphonic dynamics. 1997's Ophidian Wheel has less of the death metal influence and is more melodic, while 1999's Revolution DNA seems slightly out of place, due in some part to a cleaner vocal style that doesn't seem quite right with this band. They were disbanded for several years following Sumerian Daemons but then came back together and have since released Communion in 2008. Their name seems to be written as one word (Septicflesh) now, though that doesn't appear to be an official change.

Current Members

Sotiris Voeynas

guitars/vocals/keyboards (Thou Art Lord)

Chris Antoniou


Spiros Antoniou


Kerim Lechner

drums (Decapitated)

Former Members/Guests

Natalie Rassoulis




George Zaharopoulos

keyboards (Necromantia, Rotting Christ, Thou Art Lord)

Bob Katsionis

keyboards (Firewind, Nightfall, Revolution Renaissance)

Akis Kapranos

drums (Thou Art Lord)

Fotis Giannakopoulos

drums (Necromantia, Nightrage)


Temple Of The Lost Race 
1991 Black Power
  1. Erebus
  2. Another Reality
  3. Temple of the Lost Race
  4. Setting of Two Suns

Mystic Places Of Dawn 
1994 Holy
  1. Mystic Places of Dawn
  2. Pale Beauty of the Past
  3. Return to Carthage
  4. Crescent Moon
  5. Chasing the Chimera
  6. The Underwater Garden
  7. Behind the Iron Mask
  8. (Morpheus) The Dreamlord
  9. Mythos
  • Sotiris Voeynas
  • Chris Antoniou
  • Spiros Antoniou
  • Kostas

1995 Holy
  1. Breaking the Inner Seal
  2. Esoptro
  3. Burning Phoenix
  4. Astral Sea
  5. Rain
  6. Ice Castle
  7. Celebration
  8. Succubus Priestess
  9. So Clean, So Empty
  10. The Eyes of Set
  11. Narcissism
  • Natalie Rassoulis
  • Sotiris Voeynas
  • Chris Antoniou
  • Spiros Antoniou
  • Kostas

Ophidian Wheel 
1997 Holy
  1. The future belongs to the brave
  2. The ophidian wheel
  3. Phallic litanies
  4. Razor blades of guilt
  5. Tartarus
  6. On the topmost step of the earth
  7. Microcosmos
  8. Geometry in static
  9. Shamanic rite
  10. Heaven below
  11. Enchantment
  • Natalie Rassoulis
  • Sotiris Voeynas
  • Chris Antoniou
  • Spiros Antoniou
  • Kostas

(EP) The Eldest Cosmonaut 
1998 Holy
  1. The Eldest Cosmonaut (video remix)
  2. Underworld act III
  3. Finale
  4. Woman of the Rings (new remix)

A Fallen Temple 
1998 Holy
  1. Brotherhood of the Fallen Knights
  2. The Eldest Cosmonaut
  3. Marble Smiling Face
  4. Underworld (Act 1)
  5. Temple Of The Lost Race
  6. The Crypt
  7. Setting of the Two Suns
  8. Erebus
  9. Underworld (Act 2)
  10. The Eldest Cosmonaut (Dark Version)
  • Natalie Rassoulis
  • Sotiris Voeynas
  • Chris Antoniou
  • Spiros Antoniou
  • Kostas

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Revolution DNA 
1999 Holy
  1. Science
  2. Chaostar
  3. Radioactive
  4. Little Music Box
  5. Revolution
  6. Nephilm Sons
  7. DNA
  8. Telescope
  9. Last Stop to Nowhere
  10. Dictatorship of the Mediocre
  11. Android
  12. Arctic Circle
  13. Age of a New Messiahs
  • Sotiris Voeynas
  • Chris Antoniou
  • Spiros Antoniou
  • Akis Kapranos

Forgotten Path - The Early Days  COMPILATION
1999 Black Lotus
  1. Intro
  2. Power of the Dark
  3. Melting Brains
  4. Unholy Ritual
  5. Curse of Death
  6. Forgotten Path
  7. Outro
  8. Power of the Dark (live)
  9. Forgotten Path (live)
  10. Melting Brains (live)

Sumerian Daemons 
2003 Hammerheart
  1. Behold ... The Land Of Promise
  2. Unbeliever
  3. Virtues Of The Beast
  4. Faust
  5. When All Is None
  6. Red Code Cult
  7. Dark River
  8. Magic Loves Infinity
  9. Sumerian Daemon
  10. Mechanical Babylon
  11. Infernal Sun
  12. The Watchers
  13. Shapeshifter
  • Sotiris Voeynas
  • Chris Antoniou
  • Spiros Antoniou
  • George Zaharopoulos
  • Akis Kapranos

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2008 Season Of Mist
  1. Lovecraft's Death
  2. Annubis
  3. Communion
  4. Babel's Gate
  5. We The Gods
  6. Sunlight Moonlight
  7. Persepolis
  8. Sangreal
  9. Narcissus
  • Sotiris Voeynas
  • Chris Antoniou
  • Spiros Antoniou
  • Fotis Giannakopoulos

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The Great Mass 
2011 Season Of Mist
  1. The Vampire From Nazareth
  2. A Great Mass Of Death
  3. Pyramid God
  4. Five-Pointed Star
  5. Oceans Of Grey
  6. The Undead Keep Dreaming
  7. Rising
  8. Apocalypse
  9. Mad Architect
  10. Therianthropy

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