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One of the more unique bands to emerge in quite some time, Washington's Sculptured seem determined to expand the realm of metal rather than simply stay within the normal confines of the genre. On the debut The Spear Of The Lily Is Aureoled, the band mixes doom metal, somber semi-death metal (both clean and death vocals can be heard), acoustic and quiet passages, and even horns. Though not sounding like anyone in particular, the band does have a Scandinavian flavor to them, particularly the melancholy moments (think, maybe, Katatonia, a little). The arrangements flow nicely, there is a wide variety of emotions at work here. On Apollo Ends the band pushes the envelope still further, incorporating more influences and instruments, with the brass section fully incorporated into the sound -- this is really the first time horns have been grafted onto metal without sounding like a cheap novelty. Definitely a band to keep an eye on.

With several core members also serving in Agalloch, the future of this band is uncertain.

Current Members

Tom Walling

vocals (ex-Symphony X)

Don Anderson

vocals/guitars (Agalloch)

Jason William Walton

bass (Agalloch, ex-Subterranean Masquerade)

Andy Winter

keyboards (Age Of Silence, Winds)

Dave Murray


Former Members/Guests

Brian Yager


Clint Idsinga


Burke Harris


Johan Schlegel


John Haughm

drums (Agalloch)


The Spear OF The Lily Is Aureoled 
1998 The End
  1. Together With the Seasons
  2. Almond Beauty
  3. Lit by the Light of Morning
  4. Fashioned by Blood & Tears
  5. Fulfillment in Tragedy for Cello & Flute
  6. Her Silence
  7. Our Illuminated Tomb
  • Brian Yager
  • Don Anderson
  • Johan Schlegel

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Apollo Ends 
2000 The End
  1. Washing my hands of it
  2. Above the 60th parallel
  3. Snow covers all
  4. Between goldberg
  5. Apollo destroys, Apollo creates
  6. Song to fall on deaf ears
  7. Summary
  • Brian Yager
  • Don Anderson
  • Jason William Walton
  • Clint Idsinga
  • Burke Harris
  • John Haughm

Reviews:   Chronicles Of Chaos  Metal Observer 

2008 The End
  1. Taking My Body Apart
  2. The Shape of Rage
  3. A Moment of Uncertainty
  4. Bodies without Organs
  5. Embodiment is the Purest Form of Horror
  • Tom Walling
  • Don Anderson
  • Jason William Walton
  • Andy Winter
  • Dave Murray

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