Origin: Seattle, WA, USA
Genres: Traditional Metal


Though best known as the precursor to Nevermore, Sanctuary had a nice run in the late eighties, albeit a short one. They gained notoriety by having Dave Mustaine produce their debut album (apparently the band met Dave backstage and simply handed them a demo, and Dave decided to produce their album) and the band's intricate, classy power metal, highlighted by Warrel Dane's outstanding vocals, was a breath of fresh air in the metal field. The inevitable personal differences between some members led to their breakup after two albums, prompting Dane and bassist Jim Sheppard to move on to the greener pastures of Nevermore, where they have prospered ever since.

Dane reuinited with several of the old Sanctuary guys in 2010 and as of summer 2011 had commenced work on a new album.

Current Members

Warrel Dane

vocals (Nevermore)

Lenny Rutledge


Brad Hull

guitars (Forced Entry)

Jim Sheppard

bass (Nevermore)

Dave Budbill


Former Members/Guests

Sean Blosl



Refuge Denied 
1987 CBS
  1. Battle Angels
  2. Termination Force
  3. Die For My Sins
  4. Soldiers of Steel
  5. Sanctuary
  6. White Rabbit
  7. Ascension to Destiny
  8. The Third War
  9. Veil of Disguise
  • Warrel Dane
  • Lenny Rutledge
  • Sean Blosl
  • Jim Sheppard
  • Dave Budbill

Reviews:   Metal Observer 

Into The Mirror Black 
1990 CBS
  1. Future Tense
  2. Taste Revenge
  3. Long Since Dark
  4. Epitaph
  5. Eden Lies Obscured
  6. The Mirror Black
  7. Seasons of Destruction
  8. One More Murder
  9. Communion
  • Warrel Dane
  • Lenny Rutledge
  • Sean Blosl
  • Jim Sheppard
  • Dave Budbill
1990 BNR Top Ten album


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